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The Next Week or more...
Greetings, from your (barely 24 hours) newest member.

The timing of this could not be worse. My grandmother has just entered the hospital with, amongst other things, a variant of Colitis and dizzy/fainting spells. She's in Intensive Care, and I will be visiting her as much as I can.

As such, my availability will be rather sporadic, more so than my usual schedule. I work from home, so usually I can be on quite often. This will throw a large boulder into those plans.

I wanted to give folks a heads-up so as to save some face, and let people know that I'm not someone who joined, and is idling for no good reason.


Tadakatsu's player
Thank you dear for letting us know...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Return and let us know how things are and never worry for you are always welcome here any time. This is a place we all come to for fun and our friendships and families always come first. I hope and pray for your Grandmothers speedy recovery.

All my love,

Sing True Ironsong!
Real life ALWAYS comes first, and we not only understand that, we encourage it. You told me that she was better, and I am glad to hear it.

On a bad note, Damoxian has decreed that your wood chopping amount has doubled . . . .

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