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The Missing Drake
I set off down the road at a decent clip. My mechanohog was wending down the trail towards Sin'jin and I could see the blur of color as it swept past my face. In the background I could hear the chitter of Scorpids and the almost gutteral squeals of wild boar as they hunted the land for food. She'd be waiting down the road a piece, and I'd be damned if I wanted to be late. The woman was crazy when riled. I shuddered at the thought of a well placed fireball in places I didn't want to be burned. I needed all my parts in tact and working order.

"Y'ar late mon. Why you always be late when you meet me here?" She didn't seem terribly angry this time. Her meeting must have gone well. Still, I wasn't taking any chances. I knew how fast Eonia's temper could go from cordial to utterly ticked off and I didn't want to be on the receiving end. Especially when I had a favor to ask and I was certain she'd say no if I made her mad this go-round. That is not to say I don't ENJOY ticking her off. Its actually quite fun. She turns this funny shade of purple that you only get to see with a very angry, green, female Troll and she kinda hops up and down where she stands.

Anyway, I'd have to for-go the fun for the day, as my request was quite important to me. "Me be sorry mah lovely one. Da traffic was murder in Orgrimmar. Two drakes be having at one anudda in da gateway," I grinned then because I didn't want to tell her one of the drakes was mine. That, my friends is a tale for another time, but its quite intertaining I promise you.

"Why pray tell, didn' cha just fly den? Your drake be able to fly ovah da gates wid ease!" She didn't look angry yet, just very curious.

Oh boy, now I was in trouble. How could I tell her my drake made another drake angry because he spit on it. Accidentally of course, but the other one was having no appology and well.... I took that moment to mount my 'hog and get right on out of town while the getting was good. I can only Imagine what the guards would do to the owner!

So I lied, naturally. "Ah, der was just a bit of problem wid him. He wasn't feelin so good taday so I left him sleepin in da Inn."

She seemed, if not convinced, then at least mollified by my response and I carried on. "Da reason I be callin on ya today is that I be lookin for a place ta stay love. I be searchin for some like minded folks you see... Det'wing he be too much f'er my every day associates ta handle. Do ya t'ink ya be puttin in a good word fer me wid da Ironsongs mon?"

She considered this for a moment then answered honestly, "I be not sure I can mon. I'm jus' a peon in dis tribe. You must make application and tell dem about yaself. Good luck though. May da gods of fortune smile upon ya little priesty butt."

With that, she walked away without saying good bye. Gotta love a woman who played hard to get. I sighed and hopped back on my mechanohog and headded in the direction of Orgrimmar to see if I could untangle my drake from the ruckus he'd caused.

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