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The Mark (Story)
Part 1

The days were long on the Isle of Quel'Danas and Faeriel had spent many hours this day healing her friends and fellow blood elves as they returned from the lines of battle. She was weary, for the day had been exceptionally brutal as legion attacks ransacked the Shattered Sun forces. It had been all she could do to keep the soldiers fighting, but in the end no ground was lost. Now it was night and the night's here on the isle were long as well, especially night's like this that were unusually quiet. Faeriel had come to expect that the quiet was usually the promise of more horrors to come. On this night she would be right.

She spent a comfortable evening at the "inn" which for now was not much more than a large tent filled with tables and casks of various drink. Soldiers were all around her chatting about the days events. The Offensive was slowly making headway. For now at least they had a good foothold on the isle and were slowly driving back the Scourge and Legion forces that were running rampant. All in all, spirits were high.

Despite near exhaustion, she was feeling restless after dinner. Something in the air was wrong but she could not quite put her finger on what it was. She sat for awhile at a bench in a corner of the tent sipping a cup of mead, but it was doing little to settle her down. Perhaps, she thought, a walk under the night sky would serve to relax her. She would not stray far from the safe areas...only far enough to restore her own peace of mind.

Faeriel first became aware of eyes watching her upon departing the tent but she dismissed the feeling as being nothing. After all, there were many strange creatures now on the island, but the fortifications were holding for now. Guards were posted all around the camp and she would be safe enough. Slowly she wandered down to the dock area where several Blood Elf ships were now anchored. From there it would be just a few feet to the nearby beach. Listening to the sound of the waves and the surf would be enough to relax her. A cool breeeze blew in from the ocean and Faeriel felt the coolness on her face. All should be well...but something almost certainly was not.

The feeling of being watched came over her again, and her elvish senses began to heighten. Next there were soft footsteps in the sand, then a "sigh" of something unnatural. She was no longer alone, and she already knew who was now standing behind her.

"Hello Bellethiel." She stated in a matter-of-fact tone, never taking her eyes off of the ocean. "I knew you would come again one day."

"Hello Daughter dear." Came the raspy reply. The voice sent chills down the elf girls spine and caused her heart to weaken for it was the voice of her mother that called to her once again. "So you call me only by my formal name now? Will you no longer call me by the name "Mother?"

"You are not my mother..." Faeriel exclaimed calmly. She turned suddenly to face the creature that stood behind her. Bellethiel was now undead but she was still extremely beautiful. Eyes once green were now red like fire and stared into her daughter's very spirit.

Faeriel could feel the thing trying to touch her mind. She resisted as best she could. "You are NOT she who birthed me! You are only the creature who wears her form! My mother is dead. She died as a hero to the elven empire. A casualty of a war that should never have been fought."

"And yet you see me standing here before you now. Do your eyes deceive you daughter? Surely there can be life beyond death."

"No...there is not." She tried to look away but the eyes now held her. The creature was seducing her with its words and its mind reached out again. Faeriel weakened. The thing that was once her mother came closer....slowly closer.

"Why have you come again? We...banished you..."

"Only from the city my dear...the isle is not so protected. Don't you know I will never give up on taking you?"

"I..." Faeriel's mind began to glaze...slowly she was being controlled. The creature's voice softened and became "motherly."

"Are you not glad to see mother again darling?"

They were close now...eye to eye. Both were young and beautiful and any casual observer could never tell who was the child or of who the elder. Bellethiel kissed her daughter once on each cheek and then firmly on the lips. Her touch was cold.

Faeriel's eyes were glazed. She was now completely in a trance. "Yes...it..is good to see you again...Mother."

"That's my girl...yes I am your mother most dear. You know why I have come. To take you home with me at last."

"Home? To Silvermoon?"

"No...no... we will go home...to the North...where you will serve the King there as I now do."


"Oh yes...the King of All...he who never sleeps...the Lich King. You will live forever and we will never be seperated again."


"Never again."

Bellethiel reached out a clawed hand and caressed Faeriel's cheek. Then she slowly took her daughter by the throat and pulled her forward. Her mouth opened as she pressed her lips once again to her daughters mouth. She would now drain her life essence and drink it down. Faeriel would become Scourge.

They would be together forever.

Part 2

First there was a crackle, then a hiss...and then the smell of burning flesh.

The Scourge who was once Bellethiel recoiled in pain and screamed a banshee wail that echoed throughout the island.

Faeriel blinked and awoke from her trance with a start. She regained her senses and took several steps back away from her "mother." Something on her neck was glowing.

"What have you done? What have you done?" The creature shouted!

Faeriel turned and pulled her hair to the side. There now on the back of her neck was drawn a beautiful tattoo in a stylish design of the sun. It pulsed now and glowed with the power of holy light from the touch of the Scourge.

Bellethiel's hand was still burning from the touch of holy light contained in the tattoos magic. She cradled it in her other hand as she cried in despair.

Faeriel recovered her senses and spoke, this time in a more commanding tone. "You may turn me...but I shall NEVER be Scourge."

"Yes...you shall be!" Bellethiel wailed.

"If you drain my life and turn me to undeath...the tattoo will destroy me. That is it's purpose. There is nothing for you to win here...other than my death. I will NOT be a trophy for your new King."

The Scourge version of Bellethiel stepped back in shock...still clutching it's burning hand. In anger it spat it's words at the young priestess. "I could kill you...indeed I should..."

But Faeriel was no longer afraid. She mused to herself how, in a strange twist of fate, the very mark that she had intended to destroy herself with had accidentally saved her. A sense of confidence came over her and she stood her ground bravely.

"Are you certain of that? The Shattered Sun guards are only over the hill there...and I will not go quietly."

Bellethiel considered the girls words carefully. "Well...you are still my...daughter...your death will serve no purpose if it does not serve to strengthen us."

"I do not wish to fight you now either on the chance you may one day be saved...it seems we are at a stalemate."

Faeriel's own priestly powers were now beginning to manifest. She called upon the power of light within her. She was centered now and calm...the fear had left her. Her mind was clear once more. The light began to radiate from within her now pulsing forth from the tattoo and finally completely encircling her.

The creature that was once her mother squealed and backed further away spitting more curses as it went. "Know this 'Daughter.' YOU could have ruled at my side but now when you are finally turned I will see to it you are no more than a common slave!"

"And know this Bellethiel. If you EVER face me again it shall be as an enemy. We are no longer kin. My Mother is dead." Faeriel commanded. "GO NOW! Go from here unclean spirit...the power of light commands you!"

As the Holy Light touched her Bellethiel let forth a final scream and vanished in a burst of flame and shadow.

Faeriel collapsed to her knees on the sand and burst into tears. The glow of the tattoo slowly faded and the beach was quiet once more. Nearby guards who saw the powerful glow came to investigate and helped the girl to her feet. As she regained her composure they asked her what she had seen. She told them it was only a shadow and nothing more.

With the soldiers help she made her way slowly back to the inn, but sleep would not come to her this night nor for many more to come.


Faeriel would not see her mother again for many years, and it would be in a place far to the North.

Only one of them would survive.
ooc: With much help from the tribe (Erudan in particular) I'm happy to say Faeriel has finally reached level 70 and crafted her mooncloth robe. She is specced Disc/Holy right now with plans to go full holy in due time.

She is available to tribe as needed for healing on raids/instances so feel free to ask her anytime.

Sing True Ironsong!
And do not forget to tell them I am a full Priestess now and no longer an Acolyte you silly mage.

*nods in Approval*

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