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The Life and Times of Valtrinity
This is for my newfound friends within the Ironsong who know little, or nothing about myself. The best place, as with anything, is to start at the beginning. I am the first and only born daughter of the warrior, Galhorn Alaris, who fought tirelessly against the centaur while we were in the process of forming Mulgore as our own land. He was a proud, noble fighter, elite and well-trusted among our tauren brethern, even gaining Cairn Bloodhoof's favor as well. While Thunderbluff was in the process of being built, he led many fighters to route the remaining centaurs in Mulgore, leading many successful raids and well-planned attacks. The Kolkar began to fear my father and saw him a threat. When I was only five years of age, Kolkar marauders launched a surprise attack on my home village, assassinating my father in the process. The centaur were of course routed from Mulgore shortly thereafter, but the price was high. Galhorn's loss was mourned by many and I have grown up not really knowing my father. But from what I know about him, as his daughter, great things were expected from me. I still honor his name as I travel, sparing no quarter to centaur, or beast alike. When I became of age, I had my first vision. I told my mother of this and I was taken immediately to the elders, who concluded that I was able to speak with the spirits and elements of the earth. Galhorn's daughter, destined to be a shaman. Now it was my time to leave my home and set about my journey into the world that I came to love with the blessings of the Earthmother. I trained hard, performing hunter's rites, speaking with the earth, and routing bothersome pests in Mulgore, such as the Venture Co. and some dwarves. When I finally left Mulgore, I found myself in the Crossroads in the middle of the Barrens. It was here that I was able for the first time embrace our comrades in arms...the orcs, the trolls, and Forsaken. I continued my training here, hunting beasts, battling the Kolkar centaur, and even attaining the power of fire. What was most dangerous, was the number of times I dared to venture into the Wailing Caverns with some fellow companions. The frightful manifestations of the Emerald Dream created by the druid Naralex's slumber was at that time the most dangerous and mysterious experiance I had ever encountered. I did my best to help my Horde friends, some were friendly, others were not so. I'm sure I succeeded in upsetting a few fellow Horde comrades, but I was still unseasoned. It was out in the plains when I met the first really notable person in my life. It was the tauren, Brother Cyradanda, who was looking for members for his newly formed guild, what he called the Moonlight Caravan. I journeyed many times with Cyradanda, while he was still recruiting members. I remember slaying many quilboars with him, but there were two other times I ventured with him that were very memorable. The first was when we ventured into Stonetalon in search of Gerenzo the gnome, but we made a side trip and fought the spiders that had been tormenting the retreat. I never saw a tauren so scared of spiders! Poor Brother Cyradanda practically turned pale when we fought the queen. I'm surprised he didn't pass out, or I would've had to drag his body out of that canyon on my own. The other time was when we faced off against Gerenzo. At that time, Gerenzo was very well ahead of our seasons, posing to be a threat, especially with his Venture cronies about him. It took try after try after try before we were able to defeat him. It was Nomituh, a smart mouthed troll who had recently joined the Caravan who aided us in Gerenzo's defeat. I remember that, because before he departed, he made some snide remark about how cute me and Cyradanda looked together. Bah. Our guild continued to grow with many new and promising members. There was one upstart who caused a whole mess of troubles in our guild, an irritating tauren named Cochetu. My Tribe members, beware of this tauren (and his alt Morexxar). He is nothing but a whiny, incompetent fool and should be avoided. Other than that, our guild was promising. It was about this time when I first got to meet Brother Pinto of the Tribe. He aided me taking out the beasts of Ragefire below Orgrimmar and routing the Burning Blade cult that infested the heated caverns. I never forgot his kindness, or the red hammer crest upon his chest that would one day hold meaning for myself. Brother Tybrious joined the Caravan not too long after I had met met Brother Pinto. I first met Tybrious for my first time at Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn. I sensed an aura about him that I found...attractive. I was able to open myself up to him and we found we had much to talk about. That time was spoiled when two despicable night elves came up and started hitting on me in front of Tybrious. It was insulting and disgraceful. Since then, I have had nothing but a burning hatred of the elves. Tybrious and I grew closer as the days went by, facing many trials together. One of the most memorable was when we bravely went into Blackfathom Deeps. It was here that I met Brother Chontai of Tauren Thunder. We could not get enough aid to go with us, so the three us went in alone. We defeated the Twilight Hammer cult within and a monsterous hydra, which is still today the largest beast I have ever seen and bested. I continued to travel, train, and journey with my Caravan friends, more so with Brother Tybrious than any, but then...I began to notice a slight decline in the Caravan's activity. I thought it nothing at first, but more and more notable members were leaving, seeking greater things. At this time I had learned much, travelled far, and met so many other Horde companions. The Caravan that I had cared for and called home for so long was in a slow, dying decline. Brother Cyradanda did the best he could to keep it alive, but I forsaw the inevitable end. After consulting with Brother Tybrious, we both agreed to leave the Caravan behind with the hope that Brother Cyradanda would be able to keep it alive, though sadly today, I hear the Caravan is in worse shape than it ever was. The night we made our plans to depart, Brother Tybrious proposed to me and I gladly accepted. There is no tauren who has been as devoted and honorable towards me than him and he makes me so happy just being with him. At first, we didn't know who we would turn to, but I remembered Brother Pinto and Ironsong symbol. Brother Tybrious and I sought him out and asked how we would be able to join the Tribe, as I felt it was the best path to take based on the kindness and strength Brother Pinto demonstrated to me long ago. It was here that I met Eveline for my first time, probably the most cheerful Forsaken I have ever met to date. We made our plans and soon afterwards broke the news to Brother Cyradanda that we were leaving the Caravan. I said my goodbyes and joined you all here. Brother Tybrious joined shortly thereafter I did. Without him, I would be lost. The rest is history of course for those that I have journeyed with such as Brother Scarbelly and Champion Dispaya. Joining this Tribe has been the best decision I have ever made, and I am honored and grateful that you all have accepted both me and Tybrious as your own. I look forward to more adventures and experiances with you all. Hail Ironsong!
You have both been through many trials Val. I am sure there will be more ahead, and it is my great honor to be considered amongst your friends. May the Earth Mother continue to guide and protect ye both.


Dispaya of Ironsong
Sing True Ironsong!
Welcome to the Tribe!

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