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The Last Barov
The Last Barov

I have a quest I would like to turn into a RP mini event. This is a PVP quest...and it will likely take a 5 man group of lvl 60. If any are interested please let me know along with your available times, and I will plan a night (especially if you need to do this quest also). I would like to do it on a weeknight...Tues or Wed.

The quest is called "The Last Barov" The Argent Dawn has requested me to assassinate a villian in Western Plaguelands at Chillwind Camp.

He is a lvl 60 elite and many Alliance players are around him because the camp is a flightpath for the Alliance. We will flag when we attack him. I am no assassin nor am I good with pvping...so I think it would be fun to do as an RP event.

((Dispaya disdains this type of activity yet also understands that some humans are so evil that it sometimes becomes necessary. This human known as Weldon Barov is a scarlet crusader and sworn enemy of the Forsaken.))

The RP will involve scouting the camp and trying NOT to draw Alliance notice...finding a safe time to strike and then executing the plan. We can use stealth, telescopes, far sight...and anything else to achieve the goal.

I will call on you for a secret meeting and depending on who the group consists of, we will make our plans. If we get too close too soon and Alliance players catch on to us, they will camp out and wait. We must be smarter than they are!

I am not good at this kind of quest but it may be fun for an evening of RP. ;-)


Travel to Chillwind Camp - Alliance territory - and assassinate Weldon Barov. Take his head and return to Alexi Barov.

Be warned, Weldon will probably be well protected by Alliance scum.

Head of Weldon Barov: 0/1

Naturally, with my brother still alive, there may be some contention as to the primary beneficiary of the family's fortune. This cannot be.

A low down guttersnipe like you isn't above a little cold-blooded murder, I hope.

It's a simple task and one that I expect you will complete; that is, if you wish to claim your reward.

Weldon sits under Alliance protection at Chillwind Camp, to the east. Slay him, return his head.

<Alexi yawns.>

Hurry along now.
Sing True Ironsong!

I am interested in helping you with this. I am at the same part of the quest you are so please count me in for this. Perhaps tonight around 7pm server time we could get a small group together to attempt this?

--> Kern <--
If I am awake at that time, then I will definately lend a hand.
I will help if needed.

(( But know this: the Barovs are two brothers, sons to the Barov estate that is now the Scholomance. One survived as a living human, the other died and rose again as forsaken. They are both as "good" as each other. There is no mention of Weldon being Scarlet, nor is there mention of Alexei being Scourge. The two just don't want the other one to acquire their share of the family estate. I imagine wills just get tossed out the window when the parent dies and rises again. ))
It has been a while, my friends. Time to come back in time.
There is no mention of Weldon being Scarlet, nor is there mention of Alexei being Scourge. The two just don't want the other one to acquire their share of the family estate. I imagine wills just get tossed out the window when the parent dies and rises again.

OOC: ((As part of the RP I was thinking to create a link that he is a Scarlet sympathizer who is lending aid to the Scarlets in secret. It's just a bit of story to justify Dispaya assassinating someone))

I shall look for you all tonite ;-)

thankee kindly

Sing True Ironsong!
From the journal of Dispaya, Mage of Ironsong

It was a chilly evening in Tirasfal when I called upon my tribe to help vanquish a terrible human called Weldon Barov. It seems Weldon was after the Barov fortune, and some of our forsaken spies had reported that he was secretly giving gold to the Scarlet Crusade to help fund their attacks on my people. This could not be allowed to continue. At the request of his brother, the now Forsaken Alexi, I took the task upon myself to resolve. Little did I know it would become one of the strangest adventures I have ever been on.

Many Ironsingers answered the call..among them: Kernasas, Haida, Masai, and Drakyth. Galerunner came bouncing along as well with a strange Troll who I will come back to shortly. I could never have been more delighted than when the Great Damoxian came to our call. It seems he enjoys wreaking havoc on humans!

We gathered in the hills outside the camp to make plans. Many alliance were present in the camp and they became alerted to our presence due to the continuous babblings of the inane troll who called himself Talnakan. He stood in the hills with us shouting and cursing and why Galerunner would bring such a wretch to our most secret of missions was quite beyond me...although she is still a child and may not yet understand the importance of such things.

Our first attack was repelled easily by the alliance who were now hiding in wait for us. We made a hasty retreat and Damoxian called us all in secret to the bottom of the lake bed where we hid with the help of Shaman magic to gather our strength.

We sent in Drak to scout the camp and once the report came that the alliance had lowered their defenses, we made a second stronger attack. Masai pulled Barov and we engaged him at full force.

Damoxian and Kernasas would not again be repelled so easily...and imagine the Alliance soldiers suprise when TWO infernals came marching over the hill!

The Alliance again tried to stop us but were easily outmatched. We chased them down easily and defeated them. In the end, the head of Barov was ours.

At the order of Damoxian we then "walked" slowly away from the human camp, as if to mock their inability to stop us. They knew we had won the day. Together they stood on a hill overlooking us as we left, knowing they dare not attack us again.

Of the troll...The Warlock Damoxian declared that we should escort him and protect him through Andorhal to see him safely home...and it became an escort quest the likes of which I have never seen. The wretched Scourge seemed to sense Tal from a mile away ((as he was only a 7th level mage!!!)) We barely managed to repel the undead to give our strange friend a safe trip back to the Bulwark.

Kernasas and I turned in the Barov's head and were justly rewarded, as the others tried to talk Damoxian out of extorting silver from the young troll in return for safe passage home.

This was a great night for Ironsong and a wondeous night of battle to share with my tribemates.

As for Tal..who knows if we may ever see this wretch again.
((Twilight zone music plays))

All hail Ironsong!


((PS: Fluvie tried to come along but was having internet problems. Thanks for trying and if I can help you with this again sometime I shall gladly come to your call. ))
Sing True Ironsong!
Many thanks to all of the Ironsong members who helped myself & Dispaya complete this quest. It was difficult at first but once the Alliance thinned their defenses and the Infernals were summoned in, the tides of battle changed and we handed Barov a stunning defeat! Severing his bloody head from his neck was indeed a pleasure as he is a Scarlet sympathizer and any who align with them will die bloody deaths!



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