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The Ironsong War Effort!
I know there are many of you out here who could care less about the wall in Silithus. I had thought I too could care less about it. But I have heard the shrill thoughts of the Silithud in that vast desert. They say the wall is weak and a dark and strong force is ready to push through. If the people, both Horde and Alliance do not stand before this gate and open it, they will push over and through it, and we will loose to an enemy I would rather not loose to.

So, the Horde has mobilized to prepare for this war, but it needs your help! If you are unsure what we need to collect, or how you can help I have come to let you know.

Currently the Horde needs these things. Runecloth Bandages, Mageweave Bandages, and Wool Bandages to help aide those fallen or injured in battle. We still needs Baked Salmon and Lean Wolf Steaks, which will feed many of the troops. Many herbs for potions, salves, and spiritual lifting are needed, Firebloom, Peacebloom and Purple Lotus are most needed. Just a few more bars of metal need to be extracted to arm the warriors, Tin and Copper are all we need left. And we also need the hides of wild beasts to from protective gear for the soldiers, Thick and Heavy Leather shall do.

This Tuesday, starting at one drum past noon, we shall assemble in Orgrimmar at the gates to Durotar. This event will be held all day, there is no need to show up right then, although it's preffered for maximum coverage. In order to gain the greatest foot hold we need to spread out and cover the most area as possible. If you can't gather herbs, metal, or skins, you will be asked to hunt for cloth or food. I realize some of this is a challenge, and it should be seen as such!

There will be pairs of people who shall run about Durotar, Mulgore and Tirisfal. One will be a miner, the other an herbalist. The two can enjoy themselves and chat, but should also be on the look out for copper or peacebloom. 900 copper is one percent of what is needed, 480 peacebloom is one percent of what is needed. As you can see, this is a daunting task.
Another pair will head to Ashenvale or Duskwood. These places are rife with wolves who drop the Lean Wolf Flanks. I can, and I know other's can, cook up these Steaks to turn in. Every 100 wolf steaks is one percent of what is needed, they stack to 10 before cooking them, and require the most basic of spices to prepare. If you gather these and can't cook them, mail them in amounts of twenty to me or other chefs, we will send them back prepared and ready to be handed in. If you wish to get the recipe, a robotic vendor to a goblin caravan sells it. Mind you, this pattern only sells of the robotic vendor in the south end of Desolace, the northern one sells other kinds. It might be in your best interest to help these goblins out to get the vendor to reset where it's needed.
I do not know much about skinning or working with leather. I imagine someone who can skin can tag along with those acquring the meat, and skin and combine skins, to create the leather types needed. If anyone can assist with knowledge here it will be preffered. We will need 800 Thick leathers, and 600 Heavy leathers to make one percent of the total.
Those hunting cloth should know the dangers some humanoids posses. Wool can be found of the weaker ones, Mageweave can be found by running in and out of the Scarlet's Monas-tary many times. And Runecloth can be found in raids, please pass to someone who is willing to put them to use. 250 Wool bandages, 250 Mageweave bandages and 400 Runecloth bandages are needed to make one percent each, respectivley.
Baked Salmon is possibly the trickiest to come across. You need an impressive skill at fishing to even convince the Whitescale Salmon to bite your lines. Even artisan anglers must use baits and tackles to capture then, and only artisan chefs can prepare them. If you have an impressive skill at catching fish, I urge you to seek these out with a friend. Casting with someone else is always more enjoyable!
Lastly Firebloom and Purple Lotus are needed. The best location for these both is the Tanaris Desert. Keep in mind Purple Lotus preffers growing near ancient ruins. They can be found near ruins Ashenvale, Stranglethorn, Desolace, Azshara, Feralas, and Tanaris, let alone other possible locations. Firebloom enjoys growing in hot, rocky or sandy locations. The Badlands, Blasted Lands, Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes, and Tanaris are all ideal locations, even the motlen rock in Un'Goro holds some. 190 Firebloom and 260 Purple Lotus are needed to make one percent of the total.

I think we as a Tribe are great. We can work together and amass a collection of good for this event! Please, feel free to contact me with what you might wish to assist on. Do this before the sun sets on Monday night and I can hopefully grant you a spot where you might want it. I ask that you empty your bags and work near a vendor to help you collect it all. The buyback option may let you store more than you ever expected, just no travelling between the contents will purge that inventory. As will entereing instances. Hope this guide is helpful!

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/wareffort/wareffort.html?105">http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/wareffor ... t.html?105</a><!-- m -->
It is grand to see so many of you volunteering down below! I do wish to start still at one drum into the afternoon on Tuesday, but it seems many of you are willing to help yet can't make that time.

So I will make an effort to organize, maybe with goals for each person? The other night I spent about two hours gathering peacebloom unabated, and managed to gather 120 plants. We can factor this time in as a guess, but it may differ based on wherether you can take notes (gatherer) where things are or not. As well as how fast you can travel or hunt.

Here is what I have gathered so far, maximizing as what will suit us best.

Tanzyre wishes to help skin. Leather turn ins are nearing completion, but we still can use the help. I will put you on the collection of Heavy Leather if you would be so kind. You suggested Razorfen Kraul? If you can manage in there alone that would be great. If you need assistance I'm certain you can find it in the Tribe. If you can gather an amazing 600 that would be great, but that's a lot. I suggest finding between 12-20 stacks should be your goal, that will be 120 to 200 stacks of leather, and that is quite the effort! Manage your bags wisely!

Chaska, you can both skin and gather herbs. It would seem that since skinning is nearing completion, herb gathering is of more importance. I would ask that you, if you are willing, head into Tanaris with Coranda? If the both of you circle it on opposite sides of each other you should clean up that area. If you do not wish to do so, I would happily add you to gather Peacebloom. If you go for Firebloom and Purple Lotus, might you be able to gather 100 of each, possibly 120? If you go for Peacebloom try for 200 total if not more.

Lucinther, if you so desire to hunt Peacebloom and Wool might I recommend the pig men in the barrens? Many of them can still be found near Peacebloom and also drop wool. I would rather you gather them seperate if you can, as more Peacebloom will be found where there is no Wool, and too many other plants are found where you find Wool. If you want to switch bewteen the two that is grand as well. If you seek Wool try to get around 160, that's eight stacks. If you are willing to get more, have at. If you want to get a combination of both Peacebloom and Wool try for a balance between the two.

Neriath, I am pleased you wish to head into Teldrassil, that is quite the challenge! But know that working in an area near a vendor helps greatly. As far as I know there is no vendor we can access in Teldrassil. If you wish to go there, you are free to, but I would rather you collect them in Tirisfal, Mulgore, or Durotar. Again, this is your choice, you are free to enter Teldrassil, but I will not designate for these lands unless we have too many hunting Peacebloom. Again, the goal for Peacebloom is 200 (10 stacks) but if you are feeling zealous you can always try for more.

Coranda, as I mentioned with Chaska, two making circuts in polarity to each other will maximize the hunt in Tanaris. If you two can work together on opposite ends you can easily gather more than working directly in tandem. Again, I understand you might have a schedule that will not permit this much effort but to try for 5 - 6 stacks of each is a noble goal.

Zinthas, you will do well to mind Copper. As you are the first miner to step up I will permit you your choice of starting zone; Durotar, Mulgore, or Tirisfal. I would prefer you work with one Herbalist in the area. This again, does not mean you have to wander side by side, it just means two representatives will be in one area, maximizing it. Basically, you will be seeking minerals which appear in different places than herbs, so you won't actually be working with each other all the time. If you can gather 200 bars yourself, that would be terrific. Make certain you stop by forges often to smelt and save bag space, as the ore and bars stack different.

Zema, it is good to hear that another Ironsinger can make the wolf steaks. If you are able to take her to Northern Duskwood, along the river, you can gather a great many Flanks for steaks. If you can bring a friend, even better! You can get one of every second or third dog, and there is a goblin vendor in the area along the Road to the East (right in the North East corner of the map).

Again, I urge you all to use the vendors in the area. As long as you remember to buyback, you can store more goods. Just do not cross continents or enter an instance in between. I feel we can use /ironsongOOC or even guild chat to make mention of how we are doing. If not, we could start a raid up so that we can discuss our collections in Raid chat. Barring even that we can use TeamSpeak to proclaim what we have. I will happily note how much everyone has. Again, you do not need to obtain your goal, that's just something to work for. I tried to make them tangible goals, yet still numerous enough to make visible returns on our turn ins. If we can gather a wealth of these goods, then we shall see how truley powerful Ironsong is!
I wish to offer my ability as a Master Skinner (300) in your effort. Feel free to pencil me in on any documents or such you may have for keeping track of this. Hopefully with enough skinners we can choose some fine spots and do a decent job of slaying large groups of beasts with the little most effort.

Any younger folks who wish to help as well, keep in mind that a Leatherworker can take:

3 Ruined Scraps to turn into Light Leather.
4 Light Leather to turn into Medium Leather
5 Medium Leather to turn into Heavy Leather
6 Heavy Leather to turn into Thick Leather

Feel free to mail me any of these types of leather with a subject header of 'War Effort' or something similiar. I will take the pieces and fashion them into the required leather for the Effort and turn them in apon collection of a stack of 10. (Any items received from the boxes will be immeditaly displayed in GuildChat, or maybe on the Trade Boards, for the younger fellows to receive apon their urging.)

Some good areas to aquire the various types of leather, for those interested, if you can handle these places:
Wailing Caverns for Light to Medium Leather
ShadowFang Keep for Light to Medium Leather
Razorfen Kraul for Medium to Heavy Leather (The four legged boars)
Camp Mojache for Heavy to Thick Leather (Between the Camp and the Grimtotem Outposts)

See you all Tuesday, I hope!
I'll help out where I can. I have 300 skinning and 300 herbalism. Just point me!

*edited to add: Oh yea. I have 300 cooking and 250somethingorother fishing.
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
my herbalism could use some work so I volunteer to go and scout for mass amounts of peacebloom. I will also scout around for wool as I look for peacebloom.
I would gladly assist.

I've heard that within the elven tree that peacebloom and other common herbs grow in abundance, moreso than most lands. I have ventured out there only once and found it to be close to what others claim. If any wish to accompany me, I would gladly have another herbalist along to search for the effort.

((I have the Gatherer UI and the NE starting areas have enormous amounts of silverleaf/peacebloom, at least a couple dozen sites I've got marked on my maps. It'd make quick work if someone worked with me at picking.))
*laughs* That's quite an undertaking.

I do not know how long I will be in the lands on Tuesday, aside from a scheduled hunt, but I will volunteer what time I have.

I've already spent a fair amount of time wandering the sands of Tanaris looking for Firebloom and Purple Lotus, and would be happy to continue to do so in search of those things. Of course, I can also go elsewhere... I've no particular attachment to those lands save that I'm unlikely to die whilst wandering.

(( Zinthas is a miner, as is Varrick. Darkbander is a skinner, Kanyo is a Skinner/miner, though only Dark and Zin have high levels in any skill. Ill help where i can!
(( Menka has the recipe for Lean Wolf Steaks, and I would be willing to help cook those...but I do not know when (if) I will be available at all on Tuesday - I will help in any reguard that I can. ))
Did we want to setup some funnels? So that if folks come across the odd peice of cloth/leather/ore/food/etc they can send them to one specific person who looks after those materials? This way we don't have to farm entire stacks of something, we can just send whatever we have and the funnel person can arrange the stacks.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Well, that's why I posted my info after Haida's. I'm willing to be one of the 'funnels' for leather. Got nothing better to do nowadays. *grin*
I will aid you as well. I am a master skinner, member of the Horde Trauma Surgeons and a master chef. I know how to cook and craft anything needed for the War Effort. I am not quite skilled enough to catch the Whitescale, I believe, but I'm sure I'll continue to slowly improve that.

Unfortunately, I will not be around Tuesday until... 3rd bell, most likely. It is a very difficult day for me to do anything on unless that something is relatively late in the afternoon or evening.
That went quite well!

I managed 140 firebloom and 120 purple lotus, during my time gathering. As I've no good way to contact all of you at once, this is the easiest way for me to tell you what I found in those boxes.

There was a Mystical Mantle of Shadow Wrath, some Field Plate Armor of the Gorilla, a Huntsman's Belt of the Eagle, a Regal Sash of the Owl, some Overlord's Legplates of the Whale, a pair of Royal Trousers of the Owl, a Tracker's Tunic of the Monkey, some Knight's Pauldrons of the Monkey, a very pretty Twilight Cape of the Owl, and a Sentinel Cloak of some kind... my notes say Monkey, but this scroll doesn't seem to like that name.

If anyone wants anything from that list, please just let me know. Otherwise, I'm just going to send it to my brother, so he can turn it into dust.

Speaking of Coriakin, he wishes me to tell you that he enjoyed helping. He fished and fried 60 of those elusive salmon, and said that he might be interested in doing so again sometime (though he complained of needing better lures! It's always something, with brothers).

400 Bars of copper stripmined and hauled painstakingly to Orgrimmar. As soon as Coldwind has recovered from all that hauling, we'll be back out there.
Brought in 200 copper and 200 peacebloom for the effort.

((Haida, any chance you can keep a runing tally on how much the tribe turned in? I think it'd be great if we could keep track of that and post it as a way of showing the Silver Hand community the effort we're doing for everyone.))

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