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The Illidari Council's Warning
Our investigation of the Black Temple and the goings on of Illidan have taken a bad turn. It seems they have become aware of our proceedings. A one-time ally of mine, Eiila, has apparently joined Illidan's ranks. She has passed a message to all of Ironsong.

"If your meddling continues at The Great Temple, you will meet the full wrath of the Illidari Council."

I have, in turn, passed a message, "For Strength and Honor, for the Horde, and the Might of the Ironsong Tribe, we will persist!"

...this has, naturally, left me quite troubled. I am not certain we are truly prepared, and wish we would wait until we knew we were, but this escalates the situation.

I am a keeper of Lore, not a Farseer. If we are to proceed in these goings ons, we must appeal to our allies, and I seek the further council of the Elders of the Ironsong in this matter.
Illidian be da one t'ing dat Ah want ta see dead da most in Outlands. He took somet'in' vereh important ta me, and if ja plan on messin' wit' him, Ah bettah be along fo'ah da ride.

Ah know dere's a lot Ah still gotta do ta protect mahself an' ta be able ta protect otha's, but Ah'm tryin' as much as Ah can. Ah'm wit' ja on dis one. Ah hope we can get ta him soon.
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