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The Hunt
Mula sat on the hillside, grass swaying about her. She hadn't the heart to go back to the guild hall to tell everyone the news that Melikar had left. She focused her breathing and worked to calm her nerves. "Life will go on," she heard the words come from her own mouth. She tossed the prairie dog a treat, he'd grown a liking to her a long time ago. She sighed. She saw a bit of movement on the horizon and squinted. It was a tauren, he was running quickly towards her. She stood up, dusted her hands off on her skirt and waved at the runner. She frowned as he approached. She recognized him from Camp Narache. "Brother Running Wolf! What brings you here. You look awful!"

"Greetings Sister Mula, I came straight-away. There's been an attack. Seven murdered. Please hurry. I just managed to outrun him and warn the guards in Bloodhoof village."

"Whoa! Go back! Seven? Where? Camp Narache?"

The tauren nodded, "He was the one in the picture that Lucerra gave us. By the way, how is she? We heard he did a number on her."

"She's much better," Mula put a hand on his arm. "Thank you for letting me know. I will gather the Tribe and we shall do what we can to stop him. I know you're anxious to get back. We'll be right on your heels."

"Sister Mula, he's become almost unstoppable. It was as if every wound we dealt to him he healed up. And he was not alone. There were four others with him."

She rushed up the road and up the hill to where the guild hall was. She entered the hall, and said, "I have...news." She cursed herself for panting. "There's been...an attack. Camp Narache. Seven murdered. Running Wolf thinks he might be headed towards Bloodhoof Village."

Runethok stood up, "I am a warrior of the Kor'kron Guard, I will take care of this menace." He drew his weapons and ran out of the hall.

Anca peered down, "Anca go?"

Mula nodded, "Your bow will be of much help."

She began to write a quick note explaining the situation, and instructing to meet at Bloodhoof Village. She hastily tacked it up on the wall and raced after Runethok.

((Interactive post - feel free to add and join in the fight.))
((The story so far...in brief. (For a more detailed version see the "Surprise" thread in Tales) Lucerra, after spending much time on the road, came back to the guild hall to celebrate her birthday. She was abducted by a tauren Twilight Hammer cultist who calls himself Reaver. Fortunately, thanks to Squigvicious' alarm system and quick thinking, Lucinther and Lailya, followed by Squig, were able to follow the abductor to his 'secret lair' atop one of the many needles in Thousand Needles. There, they found Lucerra chained to a sacrificial table (to Cho'gall) and many many cultists. They, were joined by Zaevian who was passing by, and they were able to kill lots of cultists and scare Reaver off. Lucerra, was freed from the sacrificial table, but not before she found out that there were many dead Sunwalkers that were sacrificed by Reaver. She used her healing abilities to heal her own wounds and Lucinther's wounds. When she got back to the guild hall she found her kodo, slain with the words "An'she nok'wa" carved into its side. (Roughly translated: 'The dead sun.') Since then, Reaver has lain low...perhaps he's been licking his wounds, or maybe he's been upgrading his weapon. Now, he's back, and boldly attacking defended areas...and succeeding.
Rincewindy was in the library, transcribing the contents of a rather dull history book, when he heard the commotion out in the guild hall. By the time he got to the main hall, Mula was running out the door, closely followed by Anca.

"What's going on?"

Anca just pointed to the note on the wall and hurried after Mula. Rince scanned the note which read: "Attacks on Camp Narache and Bloodhoof Village. Meet at BV. -Mula"

He went outside, and banged on the side of a metal construction. "Hey, Blastcutter! Get to Bloodhoof village! There's an attack!" The goblin looked up, face covered in soot. "Can't it wait?"

"No! Get going."

He went out the the greenhouse, where he knew Lailya to spend much of her time. "Lailya? You in here?"
Squigvicious carefully put the device down then picked up another device that was hanging on the wall. "Hey! Did you tell everyone else?"

The forsaken shook his head, and disappeared into the greenhouse.

"Guess I'll have to do it myzelf," he said, shaking his head. He flipped a switch on the device, and it hummed to life, giving off a bit of feedback in the form of a screech. He stuck his finger in his ear and shook. He gave a quick test, blowing across the mouthpiece. "PFFFWWWFFF!" It was working. He cleared his throat and spoke very loudly into the device:


The goblin flicked the switch on the device. It screeched again, but it didn't shut off.

The goblin cursed. Then hearing his voice so loud, cursed again.

He flicked the switch several more times. Nothing. He pulled out a knife and jabbed it into the device. There was a loud OOOEEEEOOOOEEEEEE! and then blissful silence. He threw the device into his shed and jumped onto his trike parked nearby.
She was flying south, her proto-drake crossing the distance to Bloodhoof Village in no time. She passed over Runethok, and the passed over the rest of the distance. She pulled the drake up, surveying the scene before her. There were bodies everywhere. Guards brought to their knees with an assortment of injuries. She urged the drake down and dismounted. Ruul Eagletalon greeted her, and she returned the greeting, clasping his arm.

"Ruul, where are they?"

"They, flew off, towards the west. Did you come alone?"

"No, several others will be arriving shortly."

"Are you still as adept as you were at bandaging wounds? We could really use the help."

Mula nodded, looking towards the western sky. The sky was devoid of any activity, short of a bird here and there. She caught sight of Anca approaching from the north and waved. Anca waved with both hands, letting go of the reigns of her dragon. The dragon descended and she hopped off. Snuffletusk jumped down off of a special attachment.

Mula quickly caught the girl up on things and they both went to tending the wounded. The guards had been spared, but the Sunwalkers and Priests had not. Their bodies were shriveled and the wounds were blackened.

"I have arrived," Runethok announced. "Where are these foes that I may vanquish them?"

Mula looked up from the guard that she was tending to. "They are gone."

"I shall stand guard then."

Mula finished tending the wounds on the guard that she was attending. Then she saw the body by the water well. It was Sunwalker Lopi. She ran over to him, he had a deep cut on his torso, which was blackened like the rest. His breathing was shallow, and he looked exhausted. He cast another healing spell on himself, but the wound refused to close.

She called towards the others, "We need a healer fast!"

Lucerra was the first to come.

"What are you doing here" Mula chastised. "You know it's not safe."

Lucerra knelt down next to Sunwalker Lopi and placed her hand over the wound, drawing on the power of the sun to cleanse it. "I couldn't NOT come. Not after last time."

Mula started to say something else, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her. Anca was shaking her head. Mula nodded. "Ok. We'll talk about this later."

Lucerra continued to cleanse the wound. "I'm going to need help," she admitted.
It had been a week since the attack on Bloodhoof village. Mula stayed for a few days, until everyone had recovered enough to resume their jobs. The paladin trainer was on the mend, and was even walking around. It had been a while, though since he'd actually had the chance to take someone under his wing.

Lucerra stayed the first day, attending to the wounded. She was exhausted by the end of the day, and Mula fixed up a hearty stew for everyone who had stayed to help. She'd been surprised to see the goblin, Squigvicious show his face, but after seeing that the threat had passed, he went back to the guild hall. Most of the rest of the tribe, including Lucerra went back to their normal lives by the morning of the second day. She'd originally planned to stay help out with the guard duty, but with no sign of attack, she kept finding herself looking to the mountains that Reaver supposedly retreated to.

She whistled for her proto-drake who was in a nearby field, culling the bestial population, its magenta scales glistening in the sunlight. She had given it much thought, and decided to fly up to Sun Rock retreat. She'd take a detour towards the south, to check on Camp Narache and the surrounding area, and then she'd check the major villages that were on the way to Sun Rock.

All the villages she passed over were fine. Finally, she crossed over the mountains and surveyed the retreat. She saw no sign of disturbance there. Still, she descended down, and found a suitable place to land. Least she could do was say hello.

After catching up with the local goings on, she decided to fly to Orgrimmar, to get some work done. She crossed over the border to the Barrens and something in the back of her mind told her to check in on the crossroads. A sense of urgency washed over her, and she pushed the drake to fly a little faster.
She leaped off her mount and charged at the nearest enemy. He didn't stand a chance. She surveyed the situation as she cut down another twilight cultist. Several renowned fighters were going head to head with some of the cultists that posed more of a threat. She heard one of them make a smarmy comment. She rolled her eyes...orcs.

She then saw the bull of a tauren: His head was bare, save for a metal plate and the twilight cultist's insignia painted on his face in red paint. He had one horn, the other broken off. His eyes were bloodshot red, his fur black and his forearms shaved and tattooed. His weapon, a scythe with a black blade and red glowing runes that seemed to glow brighter with each hit. Dark shadows swirled around the blade. She knew he was the one who had attacked her daughter, and she roared, the rage building up inside her. His eyes caught sight of her, and a sneer crossed his face.

She charged at Reaver, and swung with her mace, the massive weapon struck his shoulder hard, and her axe followed biting into his armor. If the attack had done any damage, he showed no sign of feeling it.

He brought his scythe around, finishing off the paladin he'd been fighting and used the butt of his weapon to knock Mula back. She deflected it with her mace and came in again with her axe. His free hand came up, batting it aside. The blade of his weapon coming up fast. It glanced on her armor and she took a step back getting her weapons back to the ready. "You are Tauren," she said, through gritted teeth. "Why do you attack your own kind?"

He replied, acid in his voice, "The ones I kill are not my own kind. They are abominations. Their blood and yours will feed Cho'gall." With that he brought the blade in a downward arc right at Mula's heart. She drop down, bringing her weapons up to block the shot. The blade cut into her arm as he brought it up.

Mula kicked him in the chest, knocking him backwards, and using that moment to get back on her feet. She glanced down at her arm and saw the gash was turning a grisly black.

Reaver saw it too. "So, you are one, too." He spat. "Appearances can be deceiving." He attacked with a fury that knew no bounds. Mula deflected and dodged what she could, but the blade cut into her several more times. She was beginning to feel sluggish and the damage from the blade was sapping her energy. She now understood how he'd defeated Sunwalker Lopi.

She gathered her energy, using the rage to fuel her. Her weapons came in, striking him in the chest and he staggered back. She advanced again, bringing down the mace in a powerful strike. The axe came in again, but he saved himself from the would be deadly blow. His arm taking the hit and rendering it useless.

He laughed through the pain and swung the scythe with his good arm. Mula didn't know how it had hit her, but her abdomen now had a deep gash, that was turning the same grisly black color as the rest of her wounds. The world was spinning around her, and she tried to take a step forward, but realized that she was on her knees.

More fighters arrived, and Reaver, seeing that he was outnumbered, retreated. They chased after him and his cultists, but Mula saw his figure atop a dragon flying away towards the southwest.

She vaguely realized that she was being healed. Her abdomen was in great pain and was swelling rapidly. She looked up, and saw a bull looking down on her, concentrating on his healing. His face was white and his eyes blue. And the sight brought her back to memories of long passed when she was just a calf, herself. In her delirium, she called him father. He just patted her on the shoulder, telling her to stay calm. That she was safe now.

She felt the summons of a tribe member and she accepted it. She was in a new nightmare. She found herself in an arena. They were attacking her and her hands, still gripped on her weapons were too weak to raise them in defense. She fought against death and withdrew from the fighting.

She was in a new place. The soothing cool air of the Moonglade. She didn't remember coming here. The druid was telling her to push, but it was too soon. She feared for her child, but did what he said, trusting him, and half thinking she was still in a dream. All she knew was the pain at that moment.

She awoke. She was still in the Moonglade on a soft bed, lying on her side. The pain was gone. She felt a bundle next to her and she looked down. A baby calf slept quietly under her arm. She breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. She stroked the top of the baby's head and drifted off into sleep.

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