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The Humble Indie Raid
Just stopping by to make two announcements. I think this is a good spot for it. They are exciting events.

First off:
In case you hadn't heard, there is a fundraiser going on for the next nine days called the Humble Indie Bundle. If you are unfamiliar with the Humble Indie Bundle, it is a collection of five indie games that you can buy where the proceeds go to charity. The really cool thing about the Humble Indie Bundle is that you name your price. You can be a jerk and pay a dollar, or you can be a superhero and pay $4000 (like Notch, the guy who made minecraft) or anything in between.

The bundle comes with Cogs, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Hammerfight, And Yet It Moves, and VVVVVV. It also come with a free copy of Minecraft that you can play till the 15th. They work on all platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux, and are DRM free. It also comes with a Steam code and a code for Desura (another Steam-like service).

The funds go to support the Child's Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. A cool thing they added this year is you get to decide how much of your donations go where. I encourage all of you to check it out and make a donation if you can. This is a great opportunity to support not only some very worthy causes but also the indie game development community.


A wonderful and terrible thing happened while we were all braving ICC last year. Someone got it in their head that this sort of behavior was peculiar and worth investigation. They took it upon themselves to document these events and compile them into a documentary. That documentary is called The Raid.

Now, truth be told, I don't know much about this beyond what's on the surface. It's a documentary that follows a group of raiders in their quest to defeat the Lich King. There are interviews with some game designers, the raiders (of course) and some internet experts (read: Lore from Tankspot). It sounds neat and I wanna see it.

You wanna see it too? Well, gamebreaker.tv is going to be airing it live on August 6th at 6PM PST with both a pre and post show with a panel of internet celebs. If anybody is interested you should swing by gamebreaker next Saturday night and check it out. I also recommend checking out the site in general. It is a new site devoted to gaming that has a bunch of different shows that air live weekly. They cover mostly MMOs and are completely independent. Another worthy cause to support. How many independent TV channels or gaming sites do you know of? There aren't many.

If you can't make it Saturday night because, oh I don't know, you have a life or something, they will host it for 48 hours after airing.


[Image: 1310481697178134.png]

Just a quick reminder for those that were interested in watching the Raid premiere. The live stream starts tonight at 6 PST with a pre-show with the creators followed up by the world premiere stream in its entirety with a post show at the conclusion. Head over to http://www.gamebreaker.tv

An update on the Humble Indie Bundle. They have added more games to the bundle with Steel Storm and Atom Zombie Smasher. They have also added last years bundle as a bonus to those who donate more than the average which is about $6. Last year's bundle had Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos, and Revenge of the Titans. So for a donation of $6 or more get you 12 great indie games. In the past week they have raised over $1.7 million. I think that is pretty amazing for having an average donation of less than $6. Only three days left. Here is hoping they can break $2 million this year.
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