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The Hivemind
The Hivemind is a single phase encounter with two bosses and waves of adds.  The bosses don't share a health pool and need to die at the same time.  The bosses will alternate between being tanked on top of each other or separately, over the course of the fight.

The Hivemind is a mechanic in the fight.  The bosses take turns controlling the Hivemind.


Tekris controls the Hivemind first.  When this is the case, bosses must be positioned within 20 yards of each other or they, and any adds, become immune to damage (Shadow Veil).
--> When Tekris controls the Hivemind, stack the bosses next to each other so DPS can cleave them down.

Adds:  Any adds that spawn during the Tekris control phase gain a stacking damage and speed buff (Void Infusion.)
--> Make sure that no particular add stays up for too long.

In sum:
--> Tank the bosses together, and kill the adds before any of them stays up for too long. 


When Kazir has Hivemind control, the bosses much be tanked at least 20 yards apart or they, and the adds, become immune to damage with Shadow Veil.
--> Tank the bosses 20+ yards apart (Wowhead recommends 30 yards).

Adds:  Adds that spawn during Kazir's control regenerate 3% of their health every second when they're under 20% health (Regeneration).

--> All adds must be properly finished off, or they will stick around at low health for a long time.


We'll have two types of adds spawn on a timer:  Drones and Darters.  These adds should be killed off as the top priority when the spawn.

Little Drones will fixate random players and melee them.  [On heroic, they'll leave a pool of blood on the ground when they die].
--> When they spawn, raid should stack on the bosses to bring the drones together so they can be CC'd and cleaved down.

Darters spawn in sets of three and hover in random locations in the room.  They cast Resonance, which does raid-wide damage, then they'll move to another location.
--> Use CC to interrupt the Darters and keep them still, then focus them down (ideally, we'd grip them into the group).

--> Killing the adds is the top priority, because they get stronger over time if Tekris is up, and are hard to kill if Kazir is up, so it's easy to get overwhelmed by adds.



Tekris will cast Nullification Blast toward the tank (frontal cone) that does damage and applies a debuff.  NOTE:  Tekris does not change direction once the cast has started, so the tank can sidestep the Nullification Blast.
--> Tanks sidestep Nullification Blast.

Tekris will also hit the raid with Echoing Void, which looks like a dark blue-black circle around you.  After 4 seconds, it does a small burst of damage to each player, and additional damage to anyone within 4 yards.
--> Spread out for Echoing Void.


Kezir does a Mind-numbing Nova which applies a DoT and reduces haste.

--> Interrupt Mind-Numbing Nova.  Melee should be on Kezir to that he stays interrupted.

Kezir will also spawn Acidic Aquir eggs around the edges of the room.  These look like tall, oval eggs with a green swirl around them.  Shortly after the eggs spawn, aquir will roll straight across the room, looking like rolling pillbugs, dealing damage and applying a debuff to anyone hit.  They usually roll through the middle of the room, but not always.

--> Dodge the rolling bugs.  Best to stand near the edge of the room for this, so you only have to worry about the bugs coming from the other side.

Kezir will also empower a random drone, causing it to gain health and become immune to CC.  This add will then cast Volatile Eruption.  This is a long 20-second cast, and if it goes off it does massive raid-wide damage.

--> DPS needs to focus on the empowered add as soon as it spawns, and kill it as soon as possible.  Ideally we should stack on it, so all the other non-empowered drones just come to us and we cleave them down.  Remember this add will heal itself when it gets to low health so we need to make sure to keep nuking it until it's actually dead.

Lastly, the bosses need to die within 10 seconds of each other.
Quick Summary

When TEKRIS is in control:

* Stack the bosses on top of each other.
* Tank on Tekris sidesteps Nullification Blast
* Adds get stronger, so make sure none is up for too long.
* Spread out when we get blue-black circles (Echoing Void).
* Switch to the adds when they spawn

When KAZIR is in control

* Tank the bosses 30 yards apart from each other
* Adds heal below 20%, so make sure to finish them off
* Melee on Kezir to interrupt Mind-Numbing Nova
* Avoid the rolling bugs (Acidic Aquir)
* Kill the empowered Drone before it casts Volatile Eruption.

Adds: Drones, Darters, and Empowered Drone

* Stack for Drones so they come together, then cleave them down.
* Use CC to interrupt the Darters and keep them still, then focus them down.
* Kill the empowered Drone before it casts Volatile Eruption.
* Killing adds is a top priority because they get stronger / heal themselves, so it's easy to get overwhelmed.


* The bosses must die within 10 seconds of each other or they will heal.
Okay, here are the changes in this fight for Heroic:

Raid-wide damage when bosses switch control

Every time the Hivemind switches between bosses, it triggers Devouring Frenzy.  This does raid-wide damage over 12 seconds.  The damage starts low, but increases by 15% every time it triggers, so it is much more severe by the end of the fight.  Players should be prepared to use survival abilities and consumables, and healers may wish to assign cooldowns.

Void zones when drones die

Every time an Aqir Drone dies, it leaves behind a green void zone of Acidic Blood.  These do damage and despawn after 1 minute.

Tek'ris' cone attack, Nullification Blast, reduces healing by 100% instead of 50%

--> Same strategy as on normal:  face Tek'ris away.  Tanks should sidestep the attack.

Tek'ris' Empowered Drone: the Aqir Ravager

When Tek'ris is in control of the hive mind, it will cast Accelerated Evolution on a random Aqir Drone.  This transforms the drone into an Aqir Ravager.  This totally heals the add and increases its health and damage done by 450%.  This add needs to be tanked.  It will apply Ravage to the tank.

--> When the add spawns, it needs to be picked up by a tank and brought into melee range.  It should be focused down as soon as possible, using cleaves to kill it and the other drones.

Ka'zir's Empowered Drone casts  Volatile Eruption

Ka'zir will empower a random drone, which will gain 150% extra health and becomes immune to CC.  It will be stationary and will cast Volatile Eruption over 20 seconds.  If this cast completes, the add self-destructs and deals a huge burst of damage to the raid.  

--> All DPS needs to stack on the add and focus it down.  Stacking together brings the other drones into the raid so they can be cleaved down.  This add will have the Regeneration bug, meaning that it must be bursted down once it goes below 20% health.

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