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The Guild Bank needs you!

Enchants are flying out of the bank and we need materials to keep supplying the guild!

Please, donate whatever you can:

Crafted Armor and Weapons!
-These items will be DEed if no one needs them to supply the bank with *MUCH NEEDED* enchanting materials! Please, do not think that just because you are a crafter that your skills are not in demand!

BoE Items
-These will also be DEed if no one needs them for DE materials to make enchant scrolls and such.

-The Guild Bank needs donations. These will be used to buy encanting materials as well as used for single purchase requests for items like armor and weapons to equip the Tribe.

If you actively pursue a profession the guild bank needs materials of all types to keep up with demand, as well as gold, disenchantables, and cloth.

All gold will be used to purchase items for the guild to use, such as enchanting and crafting materials, as well as prizes for our annual events and competitions.

Please help the Tribe become prosperous and strong by donating your time and effort into the Guild Bank.

As a reminder please use the Guild Bank Requests sticky in the Trade Turf forum to post things *you would like to see* in the bank. Items not listed there will eventually be sold off or disenchanted by the officers and the proceeds donated to the Guild Bank if they are not claimed by a tribe member within a reasonable amount of time.

Ishnu'por'ah! Strength and Honor! For the Horde!
Me and Kiso have been sending all of our greens and craftables to Umu to DE, though that only keeps us three enchanted at the moment...

I do have a surplus of saronite that I was saving for my jewelcrafter, though, at level 40, I think the guild might need it more than him. I wouldn't be opposed to turning this into craftables, or spending a bit of time farming it up for a blacksmith or jewelcrafter who can actually get skill-ups for it to turn into craftables to DE.

I've also been saving up gold for epic flying for four alts (T~T *sniffles* FOUR!) but every one I get to 80 should be able to make enough for the next alt's epic flying, so I really have more than I need. I'll see about donating a bit to the bank.
If someone could tell me a good place to farm Cobalt Ore it would be appreciated. I can take that and turn it all into Enchanting Materials to throw into the guild bank.

With that said. If Inscriptionists would be kind enough to keep Vellum III available in the bank for enchanters to use, it would be ideal. Then requests can easily be sent via in game mail and we can fulfill them without having to wait.

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