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The Guild Bank and YOU Pt 2
Thanks to tribal efforts the Guild bank is once more usable. The Bankers only fined us a small fee and several tribe peons were asked to clean up the bank and surrounding areas. Otherwise no harm is done. We are back in business!

Going forward please observe a few guidelines before making deposits:

1. If you see 5 in there already, we probably do not need any more. (in regards to things like the wildvine potion recipes etc. but excluding trade skill items. For those, just keep things reasonable..ie...we do not need 5 stacks of Ichor of undeath...1-2 is probably sufficient.)

2. We do not need it if you can pick it up at a vendor very easily (food that doesn't buff, vials, common ammo, etc)

3. We do not need it if it is green and for below level 60 (excluding tradeskill things that are hard to come by or extremely nice boe gear) Blues are fine for just about any level.

4. It's something so common that someone is likely to pick it up someplace else before rifling through the bank for it

5. We do not need bags with less than 14 bag slots (runecloth bags and up)

Sing True Ironsong!

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