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The Great Race of Azeroth (story)
Under the last moon of the late fall, while exploring the lands surrounding the strange Titan ruin now called Timbermaw Hold, three members of the Horde Forces, Bovinian, Ryetoc, and Ludvig stumbled across a babbling, half dead un-dead rogue, lying in the vale east of the mysterious gate. Speaking an arcane form of undead speech that the learned priest Ludvig was barely able to discern, he told them that his name was Abchocomort, and that he bore an urgent quest. Clutching tight a tattered scroll in broken hand, he looked up at the three, gasped desperate words, and offered them the frayed parchment.

Unrolling the manuscript, the three Soldiers were surprised to discover blueprints for, what at first Ryetoc took to be a common but deadly blunderbuss- but as the renowned hunter, whose knowledge of firearms is great, peered longer at the plans, it became apparent that this was no ordinary gun.

Listening to the dying rogue’s nearly incoherent plea, Ludvig perceived in the confused words a rambling story of dire intrigue and immanent danger. What they heard shocked them for, in his death throws, Abchocomort spoke of a dire threat. A covert plot concocted by Thrall’s long time foes, the Burning Blade. A plot to unleash one of the warped dragons of the emerald dream, and turn the dreaded poison-winged beast into an unstoppable assassin bent upon the death of the great Orc Chieftain, Thrall himself!

No mere mortal dragons are the corrupted drakes of the Emerald Dream, the wise Druid Bovinian knew. These drakes cannot be killed, cannot be conquered, only banished, and the magical power that can send one hurtling back into the writhing green dream is an ancient secret known only to Dwarves of the elder days. The Druid knew that the magic to banish the poisonous drake came from the Titans themselves, and only the Dwarves, who long dug deep in the dark places of the world, would have uncovered this one secret of the long vanished gods.

The plans Abchocomort had clutched so tightly laid out the blueprints for a magical weapon, imbued with the power of the Titans that would vanquish the dreaded drake back into the dream. In hand scrawled readable notes, it told of where powerful, rune-enchanted components lay hidden scattered across the whole of the world, components, inscribed with Dwarven runes, that when assembled, would become a silver gun- with true aim, and deadly bullet meant for a demented drake.

Of the runes inscribed upon the parts, the three Soldiers were sure that none on the horde side, not even the great blacksmiths allied to the Thorium Brotherhood could discern their meaning. Only perhaps the Master Dwarven Blacksmith of Ironforge could hope to read them. Yet, no help would the Alliance be for the knowledge that could banish such a Dragon might also be used to summon one. They knew all to well that the Dwarves of Ironforge and their petty allies would hardly hesitate to unleash another horror upon the world as they had done so long ago, and rain down Draken death and destruction upon the Horde and ultimately themselves.

As they gazed upon the ancient drawings, Bovinian detected a sudden movement in the woods- Burning Blades poured from the underbrush! An ambush!

Quickly, Ludvig feared one group back as Ryetoc, aided by his deadly pet, Doombeak, held the remaining raiders at bay. With his deep knowledge of Aszhara, Bovinian engineered an escape- but now time was critical- time was fleeting, for the Burning Blades surely knew that the Crusaders realized their secret!

When, safe, Bovinian turned to his compatriots and spoke his heart: the race, he told them, is now on to find the enchanted parts that lay hidden in remote locations across the world. The race is upon us to be first to gather them together and create the one gun that could end the threat to Thrall!

And so, Bovinian rapidly gave orders and his men quickly scattered to the far reaches of the world; from arid lands to deep woods, from bold mountains to broad seas- they raced to be the first to claim the parts of the great gun. But one last hurdle prevents them from completing their quest!

Dwarven rune wardings are potent- the old Dwarves guarded their secrets well. Only pure and untainted hands of those who have not shed blood upon Azeroth can transport the rune marked parts from their hiding places. The enchantment that lies upon the pieces binds them to their places and allows them not to leave their secret caches unless by the hands of the un-sullied.

The Horde Forces are stymied. They are in need of help and they call to the Honorable among the Horde! Time is short- the Burning Blade this moment secretly begins the long summoning ritual that will call forth the great green grotesque into the world atop Blood Mist Mountain.

It is up to the Horde to aid Thrall in this dire time- So important is this quest that Bovinian has mustered a great reward- 2000 gold! 2000 Gold Coins, to be split among those who can field the most courageous of courier forces! A force of one pure and valiant Level One runner, accompanied by an escort force of no more than five veterans, who will seek out the Horde Forces who guard the enchanted parts- gather the pieces together and forge the magical rune components into the one gun that can defeat the Green Emerald Drake. And when done- when they hold the mighty silver weapon in their hands, set out upon the final journey to deliver the magical bore the Great Druid Bovinian who awaits the victors in a secret place somewhere in the world.

Are you up to the challenge?

Are you capable of the quest?

Are you valiant enough to face the terrors of Azeroth in the ultimate race against the clock!

For now is the time for all Great Horde to rise up to the most magnificent challenge of our time:

The Great Race of Azeroth is on!

Thrall depends upon YOU!
How does one kill that which has no life!?

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