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The Great Race of Azeroth (Rules)
The Great Race of Azeroth is a team race for no more than a six member Horde Team, including one Level 1 (at start) member, in a race between various points in Azeroth, occasionally over a specific course, the purpose of which is to gather and ultimately assemble the a Deadly Blunderbuss called the Silver Gun. The Silver Gun is the only gun capable of defeating the Poisonous Assassination Drake summoned by the Burning Blade.

The Course is unknown to the race teams- a RPC (Race Player Character) at each check point will give directions to each team (sequentially) as they arrive, broadly describing the location of the next destination and who the RPC is that they must meet at that location. Some of the RPC's will provide parts for the silver gun- others will only provide the next step. The team that completes the course first, and delivers to finish line, the assembled silver gun (the Deadly Blunderbuss,) will win the grand Prize of 900 Gold.

The Rules:
Terms and specific names, titles, ranks, classes, and other information pertinent to the World of Warcraft is copyright Blizzard Entertainment, and is used here only to describe those things necessary to compete in the Great Race of Azeorth. Blizzard Entertainment retains all rights to any and all of it trademarked and copyrighted material.

Statement from the Race Council and all Race Officials.

Every effort has been made by Race Officials, and all of their members, to insure that a fair and fun race, with worthy awards, is held. To that end, the rules below have been written. The Race Officials recognize that not every condition can be foretold prior to the race and that not every conceivable rule created to account for those conditions. The rules below embody the best of our ability to attempt to make the race fair and capable of being honestly adjudicated. Pursuant to that desire, these rules represent the spirit of the race and the Race Officials will make every attempt to see that fairness and honesty- in short- the spirit of the race-- is and remains the basis of the Race. We urge all teams to communicate with Race Officials if there is any question before or during the race- that way we can best strive to ensure that the race is fun and fair for all.

Enjoy – May the best Team Win

Warlord Bovinian Blackhorn

-Druid, Member of Rotten Luck

1. Eligibility

1.1 Any member of the Horde, of any Horde race, is eligible to participate in the Great Race of Azeroth 2. Any class may participate with the exception that the Level 1 “Traineeâ€
How does one kill that which has no life!?

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