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The Flask Exchange
Flasks. Although considered a requirement by most serious raiding guilds, they've been underutilized by the Tribe so far throughout its progress through Naxxramas. Typically as few as 30% or less of our members come prepared with one (or two depending on the length of the raid). Some people use elixirs, which is better than not bringing anything at all, but still it is not as effective as the flask.

Many people who remember the days of MC and BWL are understandably turned-off by the prospect of gathering materials for what used to be a very involved process of resource gathering to make a simple two hour flask. But Blizzard has drastically reduced the costs of these, to the point where the reagent cost is only marginally higher than coming with elixirs, but with better overall stat bonuses and the guarantee that you won't lose the buff if you die or the raid wipes.

Now we realize that still, if you are not an herbalist/alchemist the actual task of researching the materials needed, purchasing them, and finding a skilled professional to make them for you is still a deterrant. That is why I, along with the support of the other officers, have decided to offer flasks for exchange at raids for the cost of a single Frost Lotus (usually on the auction house for less than 20 gold). Any of the Northrend flasks will be available at raids. For now, I'm limiting them to one per person on Mondays and Tuesdays, and two per person on Fridays. Please bring the Frost Lotus with you to the raid. Supplys right now are limited, so please if you can make or purchase the flask on your own please do so just in case. As I have the time and money to gather more frost lotuses and other herbs more will become available. If you have any questions please let me know.

Ishne aloe Por-ah.
As of patch 3.1, alchemists can now make 2 flasks for the same ingredients that they would make 1 previously. However, these flasks last half as long so you are not really getting anything more, just the opportunity to have them be wasted less.

So obviously, I will now exchange 2 flasks for each 1 frost lotus.

If you are having trouble finding frost lotuses on the AH, please ask myself or one of the tribal herbalists to help you out. (please be courteous and tip when you can)

Just remember, the better our DPS is in raids the faster we get through content. The better our healing and tanking is the less deaths we will have which also means the faster we get through content. This is more important now than ever; the faster we get through Naxx and Malygos the more time we'll be able to spend in Ulduar, which means the more bosses and attempts we can get in and the faster we will progress there. It makes a big difference when everyone is going that extra mile.
I just wanted to remind people that I'm still exchanging flasks for frost lotuses. Also, I'll trade flasks for Northrend (lvl 68+) Greens and Blues.

Lvl 68-74 greens 2 for 1 flask
Lvl 68-74 blues 1 for 1 flask
Lvl 75-80 greens 1 for 1 flaks
Lvl 75-80 blues 1 for 2 flasks

Donations are greatly appreciated and help greatly in making sure there are enough flasks for everyone.
If you want a flasks at a raid and don't have any form of payment I don't mind giving them out, but I would be grateful if you would try to compensate me in some way so I can keep this going.

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