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The Flappy Poem
The Flappy Poem

Now if you look around around it's a pretty sure bet,
that somewhere close by is a hunter with some flappy pet.

I just wonder why it is that these pets ALWAYS fly?
They flap and don't stop and I never know why!

If only they could stop when their masters just stand.
Oh how I just wish that these creatures could land.

They flap and they flap all day and all night
and sometimes I think that it's really not right!

In Azeroth there must be plenty of places to stand.
After all there is definitely plenty of land,
and all over the land there is plenty of sand!

Now if only these pets could just land in the sand,
then they could just stand...that would be totally grand!

But even if sand is not a great place to land,
then I'm sure there are plenty more places to stand...

They could stand on the grass, they could stand on a rock,
they could stand on a troll they could perch on a clock.

They could stand on a log they could stand on a rail,
they could perch on a druid tree...or a Tauren's fine tail.

They could land on a stump or or a fallen down trunk,
they could even land on the shoulder of some Forsaken chump.

I guess I must endure while these creatures just flap.
As I raid there is a constant "whap-whappity-whap!"

As I moot, their wings just won't ever stop.
As I make my speeches those critters just continue to "whop!"

They "Whop" and they "whop" and they "whop-whop-whop-whop!"

Dear Blizzard, by letter I'm pleading! I beg!
Just PLEASE give these creatures a couple of legs.

I really don't think I am asking too much,
for when most things stand still then the ground they do touch.

I really don't ask you to do this just for me,
but think of the pets and a thing called "gravity."

Please let the poor owls just come down to rest,
let the dragonhawks perch, let the birds make a nest.

Flying serpents could coil, and whelps could finally come down,
and all those flying bugs could stop buzzing around.

As I look around at these pets, all I see,
are some animals that look pretty tired to me.

Dear Blizzard I know this will surely put your skills to the test,
but if these creatures could just stop flapping...

...they just might get some rest!
Sing True Ironsong!

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