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The Final Duel ( A Lengthy RP Story )
Lacryma checked her horse slowly to a trot, and surveyed the once verdant Black Morass. Brushing a stray lock of blonde hair from her face, jade hued eyes studied the murky rift. The energies of which were coalescing in what she knew to be the cold hard fact. The Dark Portal was active again.

"Hn. Even though its been twenty something years.. your legacy lives on Medivh, and the past returns to haunt.. like the shades of your tower."

A second set of hooves were heard as a Dreadsteed approached. Its rider gave a sharp glance as the Xorothian beast roared a defiant tone of challenge across the pit, and came to a stop.Sitting upon the beast was a figure so seeped in darkness that the rest of the area seemed pure in comparison. Her robes were of a similar make to those that the Sindorei wore, yet the violet cloth was embellished with strange golden symbols that Lacryma could recognize only too well. They were her design, and the intent of such symbols held such a malevolence that they seemed to warn her eyes away, a deep dread striving to enter her, make her fear the Dark Rider.

Though she looked like a girl, there was something about her that screamed of monstrosity. Though her face was indeed beautiful and finely-sculpted, there was a glimmer of eager malice behind the amber eyes that left Lacryma chilled with revulsion. A smile crept to the Warlock's lips, upon the sight of the elf, but its intent held no joy or kindness. Just biting hatred, and blistering rage.

Lacryma knew who approached her. It was as clear as Moonlight, as cold as Winterfall snow, and she knew as she studied the visage, it was her worst enemy.


A Reflection as it were, forged from demonic energy, reckless youth, and hatred unjustly given.

Once upon a time.. they had been the same. But trials had seperated them.. and so it was that they now faced eachother as enemies, in the final act of a play that began on the day Arthas invaded Quel'thelas.

“Salutations my sister.” the voice was cold and dead, sounding much like the icy winds that blew across the blasted wasteland. “Welcome be to you."

The Blood Knight drew the moment out, before replying quite nuetrally, "And what are you doing..?”

A calculated arrogance was measured out as the Warlock feigned shock at the query. “Why..Awaiting your arrival, of course.”

"I assume that your master is responsible for the Rift's reactivation."

A slow smirk crossed her face, eyes burning under the burnished gold hair. “But of course sister, I felt there had to have been some merit in given how often we plumbed Karazahn's depths for timelost texts. This is after all our Magnum Opus..”

"So what happens now..?” Lacryma dismounted and gave a whistle. With a toss of its head, her steed whinnied and made off. Everything in her stance spoke of control and contained violence. A crackle of pale energy had begun to snap from the edges of her form, while a nimbus of prismatic energy danced behind Lacryma's eyes.

"Lord Kazzak will tell me.." The Warlock's smile was almost eager to please, as she dismounted also and her mount faded out of existance. Lacryma thought to herself. Truly Tabetha was right.. Warlocks if mastered by the power they sought to control could be worse than even a Sunfury Blood Elf, hunting texts like a addict hunting poppy and glitterweed. The most damning part for Lacryma, was that in the visage before her was herself.

It was her and yet it was not. It was a aspect of her that she had denied, refused, and ultimately with the aid of those she loved most, banished from her being. She had removed the tumor.. but now it had grown again. All these thoughts reverberated in Lacryma's mind as she paused and bowed her head. This was wrong.. This would end. Today. It had to. Her body tensed slightly as she continued to watch Norandu.

"I guess a 'crying slave'.. wouldnt really know.."

Now it was her twin's turn to face the same glaring facts, that Lacryma was indeed what she herself might of been. The Warlock's face drew into a piched spasm of rage and anger. But such as she felt the Warlock knew, Lacryma had spoken truth. She was merely a puppet, a servant of the greater powers that comprised the Legion. The voice was

"...So what if I'm a puppet."

Her hand ignited with a pallid green energy, lilac lattices of energy crackling over it. The hand drew up lazily as molten ethereal fire hung in the air as the Warlock continued to speak with almost apathetic tones. "Do you remember... Quel'thalas..? You father..? ...You of all people have the hypocrisy to cast blame..?"

The energy crackled as the Death Coil reached critical mass. A tortured scream from the nether was harvested as the Warlock's hate became manifest. With a feral howl the cyst of Dark matter was hurled at the Blood Knight."

"To that Kingdom...Your one too!!"

The die was cast as Lacryma sprang into action, leaping to one side as the energy plowed a deep groove into the already scarred land. Wrapping her hand around the mace and shield on her back she ground her right foot into the dirt and she used made a charge bringing her weapon out of its sheath and into a sideward motion at Norandu's face. The Warlock was prepared, as a long dagger glinting violet hues was drawn out and brought up to block. So the exchange continued. Holy Shock, Shadow Bolt, Exorcism, Immolation, Purification of the spell. The battle was nearly even as both made casting space and gathered in wavelengths. Norandu began the assault again, by slicing her own hand open and allowing the Blood to pool in the palm. The Blood ignited into a ball of flame which was snapped forward toward the ground, where-upon it rapidly expanded into a burning gateway of void energies.

"Flaathun.. show this fool what happens to those who interfere with the Legion."

The Warlock made a quick series of incantations before the void-portal materialized and a Felguard stepped from the Nether. Giving a gutteral roar at the Blood Elven Paladin, the Felguard lifted its bloodstained Axe and clove down on the Blood Knight with relish. Shield met with the Axe, sending Lacryma stumbling back as let her left hand drop to the side. The entire arm felt like jelly even as she focused her mind and lashed out with her mace again, grimly pleased when she heard a outraged howl and a crack of bone. Turning her head, she heard the snicker too late however as Flames washed over her scalding not with a physical intensity so much as a spiritual toll. Dropping to a Knee Lacryma spat before rolling out of the path of Flaathun's axe.

~"Damnit, not good. A few more hits like that and she'll have me weak enough to play real hell.."~

Wrapping her mind upon what wavelengths existed, Lacryma focused upon the Light. As if in answer a golden nimbus of healing streams coursed through her left arm. She could use it again. Bringing her shield up as the Felguard's good hand went to throttle her, she swung her shield outward sending its sharpest edge gliding across the Felguard's jaw and using his weight to force him away from her, and to a knee. Her mace swept out again, striking the Felguard's head soundly with a sickening crackt.

"Its not your body I need to tame, its your will." Norandu sighed. "Maybe one can lead to the other however... Let's see how cocky you feel after this!" Suddenly, a inky violet flame was launched at Lacryma as a curse was whispered. As it passed through her, she felt as if all the energy was draining out of her body. The wound from her shoulder reopened, along with cuts on her back as if from a dragon's claw. Next to come were burn marks appearing at various points on her body. She couldn't figure out where they were from, until she recalled her failed attempt to fight Andrek all those years ago. It was as if every wound she had ever received had reappeared.

Taking a deep breath, Lacryma bit her lip to control the agony as it coursed through her mind. Attempting to heal herself as much as possible, she shook as a sickening fel-reak issued from the cracks in her armor. It as if nothing that she could cast from Firebolts, to blasts of arcane, or even the Light itself was damaging Norandu.

..Well, not quite nothing...

When she had been training herself in Netherstorm, she had discovered the Sunfury Astromancers had come up with a very powerful light spell, although they had not actually tested it. But they had developed the exact mana application needed for casting it and the gestures to summon it. It almost seemed too powerful to be classified as Light magic, so Luficia had recommend terming it "star." Her sister and her had never decided, because Lacryma honestly doubted that such a spell would ever be required. But now, it looked like this was an appropriate time. Luficia had even come up with a snarky catch phrase for it, and although Lacryma felt too frazzled to actually say it, given how Norandu had gone for her also she figured she owed it to her.
"..Call me old fashioned, but I've always been a believer in the "big bang" theory."
"What the hell is that supposed to..." Norandu trailed off as Lacryma sliced the air in front of them creating a bright yellow ball about four feet in diameter in front of them. To her immense surprise, it slowly began to shrink, until it was nothing more than a pinpoint of light. "...A failed experiment?"

"Not quite." Lacryma gritted her teeth casting her hammer aside. This would be quite rough on her, but if the spell didnt work, she had no idea what would put Norandu down. Stretching out her hands to encompass the spark, she spat out the words as her gauntlets began to heat under the contained energy. then spread her arms outward quickly. "Nimflores, prostares surroth turroqck quan!"

The spark exploded outwards, enveloping her, enveloping Norandu, and the area, before blasting it's way skyward. The energy release was felt instantly in Netherguarde, and the light was visible from from Stormwind. Seconds later a sonic boom filled the vaccuum of air and amid the charred wreckage of demons, another crater was forged in the Blasted Lands. The sphere of light energy dissipated its energy with a huge concussion, creating a sonic boom that rocked the air all the way to Deadwind.

Back amid the flaming rubble and dust clouds, Lacryma wiped the soot from her face. She saw Flaathun's unconcious form burning in the distance. As the dust cleared a little, she saw Norandu standing about twenty feet away. The Warlock had a pained look on her face. She opened her mouth and coughed raggedly. Lacryma smiled. Then Norandu looked up and spoke with a voice that was Orcish in sound, "A worthy effort.. Lacryma."

A brief tic of sweat trickled down the Elf's brow before the counter-attack came with renewed ferocity, a Emerald tipped truncheon materializing in Norandu's hand. "...Death Knight.." was all Lacryma could say as she knelt to retrieve her mace.
The spectre controlling the human body that once was Norandu, tilted into what could be construed as a Azerothian conjuror's bow.

"Felstorm at your service."

The Death Knight, for Grajak Felstorm truly was that walked forward silently, as eyes once worn by Norandu pooled to a inky black, with only twin pinpoints of crimson light gleaming in that depths of the face.

"That was rather inspired, I must say Lacryma. Were I any other person, that likely would of slain me outright.. But then is that not why I chose you..? You always were the swift little pupil.."

Lacryma spat on the dead earth here eyes gleaming in their own light, like polished jade. "I wasnt a willing student ever. All you wanted was a body, a way to infiltrate the Alliance. You Stormreavers never change. All I was to you was a tool, no compassion was given for me beyond the rudiments required to keep me alive.. And now you've created this.. thing. Which was a willing servant for you.. She really was Norandu, as you wished for me to become."

The Death Knight let loose a rolling laugh before a muted shock played on his face. "Such harsh language from a Stormreaver.. What would Gorefiend think if he saw you now..?"


"Yes you are, your just a little half elf that is denying what she was trained to become. But I forgive you.. On the condition that you cease this foolish conflict right now, and come with me to Outland. You will find me a new body, one vibrant and strong in the arcane.. not this filthy spawn of corruption, I had to gestate in you.."


"You missed the signs..? How unlike you dear Lacryma! Surely you felt the seed of corruption growing in you! I couldnt touch your elven side, but your human side was very malleable, after you killed me.. Do you remember now? I gave you the name Norandu.. It was elven, signifying that you were the Bane. But even a Bane, must have a bane of its own. Your efforts in removing that taint and confining it in the lake on Kalimdor was precisely what I needed. Time to purify and grow a new body from the ample energy and physical traits I had drained off of you. Or did you think you lost some of your magical skill because of those silly Paladins..?"

Lacryma paused her eyes searching the Death Knight.

"So in essence what you are telling me.. is that you created a daughter between our magical signatures.. and then possessed her. Never giving her a chance to be anything save your host body.."

"Precisely. On the core Norandu is you, or you as you ought of been. Being a part of you once, and bound in soul as you two once were, she naturally has some of your memories. She is your dark half, the side of you that you keep hidden from the outside world, and the form I wear for the time being as a shell... until I have the real prize.. Your body.. and a way to enter Karazhan.."

Lacryma glanced involuntarily down to the key that rested on a piece of twine around her neck under her armor. It was a key given from the greatest Mage of them all, and attuned to her spiritual essence. ...Medivh.. He had known of her coming even as she had asked for the key.. Had Grajak.. disciple of Gul'dan utilized the same scrying method that Medivh used, to engineer the events in such a way that he would gain.. Of course he would, Lacryma told herself belatedly. The Stormreavers desired nothing more than to ressurect Sargeras, and from Khadgar, she had learned that the Magus, Medivh had been precisely that. He intended to use her to find the Dark Titan, thus damning everything she had fought for with Alahni, her friends, and for her people.
"...How repulsive Grajak.. Only you could hatch such a insane scheme.."
"Thank you.. Now shall we dispense with formalities? I have places to go, your body to steal. You understand. I'm sure."
Curling her hand around her own truncheon, Lacryma frowned. "Just one last question... what happens if you succeed?"

Norandu..no Grajak's face curled into a insane sneer as the Shadows crackled to life around him. Eyes burnt crimson with cosmic energy as he lifted his Truncheon, and regarded Lacryma cooly. The apprentice and the master would become one. He laughed a cold and iced tone devoid of emotion. It was Norandu's voice, and yet it wasnt. It quivered with joy.

"...Well.. That depends on you Lacryma.. Quos'sirroth, Grombolar.. turokkt!"

The Truncheon exploded in a storm of burning emerald flames, and the essence of ancient Orcish Necrolytes. Pure darkness rippled forth from the truncheon in a savage arc. The Blasted Lands churned as the energy clove a groove in the land soaring at the former Death Knight, turned Paladin, who braced herself for the impact before
pointing her own mace at Grajak, which crackled with a pale blue light as she launched her counter attack.. "Uli maimeli madus!"

The conflicting energies crackled before lancing upward and striking a nearby cliff. Blasted earth rained down on the Death Knight reborn and its adversary. "I though you were spent... where did you get this little smidge of strength..?"

"Hah! You think I'll tell you "master"?!"

Forcing himself out of the spell lock, Grajak quickly drew in mana currents before drawing the innate corruption of the land out and causing small crimson trails of light to spark where a dank acidic scent wafted from the earth attempting to congeal around Lacryma. The half elf glanced down, before mouthing a counter enchantment of her own, creating a barrier of solidified air to blow the energy of the Death and Decay spell from her before it could cause serious harm. She was already spent fighting Norandu... she needed to think faster.. respond sooner than Grajak if she was going to win. "Ghash.." Shutting her eyes she felt as her mind and body responded to the old incantations, and her motions quickened with the haste inducing spell. Taking the opportunity, she shaped a bolt of interlacing flame and light before hurling it at Grajak again. Not bothering to check if the spell landed, she leapt free of the decaying spell as the groun she was standing on a moment earlier liquified.

"Dont you dare turn your back on me Lacryma!"

Grajak's hand shaped a shield as he thrust it out and deflected the spell. "I want you facing me! I want to see you defeat etched on your eyes as I take your body! I want to hear your soul scream as you die!!"

Launching a cyclone spell at the form of the elf as she leapt up the cliff, Grajak gathered in the last of the magic the area had to offer, before using the wind to repeated bash her into the side of the mountain. "And so it ends.. as we both knew it always would." Picking up a rusted sword from the nearby carcass of a hapless warrior's corpse, he drove it through Lacryma's upper left shoulder letting the tip grind into the stone and pin her. Then, still wearing the guise of Norandu he tilted her face up tracing a finger across her cheek.

"...What is keeping you from breaking..? You would of cried had I done this years ago.. Tell me.. is it your sister..? Your so called friends..? That filthy human mother of yours..? Tell me.. Let me destroy these things and hear you cry again..slave."

Images flitted through Lacryma's mind. Of Luficia spending time with her son, of Starlear and Aazu in Goldshire. Pantzeri and Cher. Even Nobunaga and his Banshee Queen. "No.."


Reaching over her shoulder, Lacryma gripped the weapon as her eyes shifted to a pulsing white golden hue, from the Light's strength. Arm shaking a dull screech was felt as she slowly removed the weapon from her shoulder and thrust it away. She could stand, and Grajak looked on with a amused smile. "...Grajak, I pity you. Gul'dan lied to you.. tainted you.."

The Light ignited around her as hazed wings of energy materialized on her back. "Its all of these things and more!! You cant break me!" Discarding her mace She lifted her hand as a blade of pure light materialized in it, ethereal runes burning like miniature suns on the otherworldly blade. Taking the weapon in both hands she charged before slicing down and through the Death Knight. No mark was left on the body, but the expression Grajak wore, was one of shocked horror as a second and third strike came ripping not at his body, but rather his soul. The pain he felt was not his pain, but rather Lacryma's pain released, the anger of a part of her seperated and denied life. The pain of a mother for a unwitting and unknown child denied life. The Stormreaver had no shield he could summon to protect him or defense to mount.

"I judge you Grajak Felstorm.."

Turning, both of Lacryma's hands burnt with divine fury as a shaped hammer was drawn out of the Light and struck a final time sending shadows tearing from the body of Norandu. "Stay gone this time.. stay in the past. Trouble me no more."

The Shadows boiled in a ghastly screech of rage as Felstorm felt his connection to the body shatter and his spirit being drawn into the Dark beyond.

"I will never be gone Lacryma.. Never..."

And silence reigned within the Tainted Scar as Lacryma Sunleaf looked on the emptied body of Norandu Felstorm, her daughter in a fashion and did indeed cry.

-Not the End-

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