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The Exorcism of Ronx - What happened...
The raven perched high on a ledge overlooking the arena in Stranglethorn Vale...and through the bird's eyes she watched it all unfold.

The Ironsong tribe gathered with a quartet of Warlocks led by the Lady Eveline. Together they summoned Ronx through the nether to a circle of power that was barely able to contain the demon that still dwelled within him.

The Exorcism began as the circle held..although only barely. Eveline produced a small demonic statue..an item of power...and held it tightly as she exchanged words with the tainted Tauren...once her former friend. The demon spouted lies and threats...and Ronx threatened her destruction...but Eveline held true and through her own force of will she battled the demon for control, until finally the two exploded into a fit of combat.

The demon as Ronx struck over and over...but Eveline's spells were strong and it faltered twice, but Ronx's blade was strong and in the hands of the demon it landed many powerful blows on the undead girl. Eveline finally withdrew and made one final attempt at capturing the demon's essence...as her body erupted into a purplish glow. A beam extended from her outstretched hand and finally grabbed the demon...but even as it's essence was extracted from the Tauren...it landed a final blow...and Eveline collapsed to the ground.

Both Ronx and Eveline lay still on the arena floor as the remaining members of Ironsong gathered around.

From among them, the Shaman called Jadyn recited a spell and touched Eveline...and at last her body sprung back to health. In her hand the tiny figurine glowed, and in her other, a new soul shard gleamed with the life force of the demon that was once inside Ronx. The Tauren Cloudjumper extended a welcoming hand and helped the Warlock back to her feet.

In time...the Tauren called Ronx stirred back to life as well...and though groggy and tired, the demonic taint that once ignited his eyes was finally gone.

"The shard contains the demon's essence...but it is only a temporary prison." Eveline told them. "To finish this the ritual must be completed and the demon must be summoned to this plane. Once it has physical form, it can be destroyed."

"I claim the right of combat." Veramorla stepped forward. "I will battle it...and will send the last vestige of my mother's evil back where it can do no more harm."

"I claim it as well..." Ronx replied. "It...tried to destroy me...and I will finish it once and for all."

Eveline then called for 4 volunteers from the tribe. The ritual would claim someone's life...and though it could be returned by magic...the ritual was dangerous nevertheless.

A second circle was formed and the raven watched as Eveline used her knowledge of the Fel arts to call forth the demon at last invoking it's true name.

"Garyal! Come forth!" She screamed.

The shard exploded in her fist and the rogue called Skrap collapsed to the ground. Now standing before them, the great winged demon Garyal drew it's blade and prepared for battle.

Veramorla exploded into combat as did Ronx and the two Ironsong warriors flanked the demon from either side. The battle would be a short one...and no more Ironsong lives would be lost this day. In the end, the demons body collapsed to the arena floor...its essence at last returned to it's plane of origin.

"It may be a hundred years or more before the demon regains enough energy to return here." Eveline stated, her eyes at last looking weary. "For now...it is done."

Lucinther produced a shiny pair of jumper cables and charged them up. He knelt over Skrap and gave the orc girl a blast. As usual...nothing happened.

Cloudjumper stepped forward and crumbled a small seed reciting a prayer to the Earth Mother, and suddenly the half Goblin's eyes fluttered open.

"Why is it always the live ones the spell takes?" Eveline wondered out loud . The tribe laughed around her.

As the tribe gathered around Ronx...the raven suddenly took flight...

Ptarra knelt near the surf on the beach of the Isle of Dread. Somewhere in the distance a wild Chimaerok howled and the troll girl opened her eyes. Her link with the bird was now severed.

"Ronx be saved den...it is done." She smiled and took some comfort in knowing.

My thanks to everyone who helped and participated in such a great RP event. It is not one I will soon forget. Special thanks to Eveline for preparing such a wonderful ending to the story...and of course to Ronx himself for daring to take us one step further than we thought it would go...

Sing True Ironsong!
I am of course sad and angry for the timing of the moots and the unavoidable absence I have to take partway through them, especially last night when I had to leave before ANYTHING happened.

It makes someone want to mess things up...
(O.o )
( > < ) This is Bunny. Copy Bunny and this attached message into your signature to help him on his quest for world domination.

Zhebra, 70 Troll mage
Polled, 70 Tauren huntress
Diljabar, 38 Orc warlock… reincarnated…
My dear little elf, we all have things that call us away from our tribal meetings, no matter what my be occuring at them. Though it is frustrating to not see my tribe's tales in the flesh, I am thankful for their re-telling on the totem.

I am also thankful that both Ronx and Eveline, as well as the others who assisted in the exorcisim are well; and it gives me hope, as it seems that these problems are becoming more common.
Try not to fret too much dear. The moots have always been held at the traditional time...and it is the time that makes it so the most tribemates can make it as is possible.

There will be more RP events and they do not always carry over to moots..though we sometimes save the big ones for moot days so everyone can plan ahead to be there.

Thanks for all of your help last night in assisting Eveline. *smiles*

Sing True Ironsong!
The tribe's fires had burned low, and the spying raven was long gone. The only sound was the wind through the trees, and Ronx's tired but happy tribemates were enjoying the fruits of their labors elsewhere.

A dark form stood at the treeline, surveying the remains of the ritual site.

Degrang strode authoritatively forward, the Felsworn's thorium-shod boots grinding the turf with a ruthlessness to rival that in his glare. His eyes smoldered with a dim red glimmer, the all but burned-out reminder of more glorious times.

Dropping to one knee, Degrang grasped a handful of the scorched earth marking Garyal's place of demise. With his other hand, he undid the buckle of his hauberk. It slid free and fell to the earth with a crash, shattering the still night air and baring Degrang's green, rippling torso.

Muttering to himself in grim syllables, Degrang smeared the greasy earth upon his naked chest. His fingers followed the trails cut across his skin by ritual scars. The scars pulsed, twitched, as something beneath skin responded to its kindred element saturating the tainted soil. Demon's blood knew its own.

"Izhs ghan kin ghan dol murrhok xi van! Izhs ghan kin ghan dul m'thad! Gar'yal! Gar'yal! Dul'mak vahr'gleer dol m'mtol!"

Imperceptibly at first, but then undeniably, the befouled soil responded to Degrang's eredun invocation. Twisting wisps of green radiance began to boil up from the earth, winding their way around the Felsworn's brutal form.

The energy coalesced into a haggard, tattered ghost. Garyal hung, ragged, weak, and befettered. Degrang allowed himself a snarl of approval.

"You erred, demon, when you made a foe of the Ironsong Tribe. It is a rare day when I can satisfy my hunger for fel power and perform a service to the foes of the Legion, but today your failing becomes my fortune. It is well that Cloudjumper was so free with your name."

The defeated demon could only hang his head, his almost insubstantial spirit-stuff trailing behind him in ruin. Degrang drew his blade across his own chest, sending a wash of black blood down over the symbols. They flared with red luminescence. Garyal raised his horned head in anguish, but the brilliance blasted him and obliterated him utterly. Degrang quickly drove his mailed fist into the earth, and in an overwhelming rush, absorbed the last essence of what once was Garyal.

Eyes blazing with red rage, Degrang climbed purposefully to his feet. The forest was silent once more, but the blood sang in the orc's ears. Retrieving his heavy hauberk, Degrang strode away from the place.

There had to be more, somewhere.
The Barrens was lit up with sporadic fires of the various settlements. In the distance, Tadakatsu could see the glow of the Camp Taurajo fires. Stoking the flames of his own campfire, he idly wondered how many of the Camp's fires were funeral pyres. The Tauren sent their young out there, as did the Orcs and Trolls. This he had learned from his visits there.

The cool night air felt wonderful against his skin, though he balanced that with the heat from the flames. Muscles still remained within his frame, and it would do no good to lose them. Taking the jug off of his belt, he pondered it. The Panda people had taught him much, including the recipe for this particular brand of alcohol.

Popping the top off of the jug, he took a mouthful of Fire Sake into his mouth, as he had been taught years before. In his head, he counted three full minutes, a feat which no mortal would have been pleased to undertake. The fiery alcohol tried its best to cause his tongue pain, but he had long ago mastered his nervous system, and it was dulled to pain currently.

In a magnificent burst of liquid, he spit the concoction over the fires of his camp. It flickered, briefly, but then roared even higher. It was no longer a normal fire, however, its color darkening to a deep blue, and before long, the ritual was complete.

A large, hazy form began to take shape within the smoke and flame. It was a Pandaren, but more importantly, it was Yun Warbrewer, the one who had taught Tadakatsu the War Dance, had given him the Fire Sake recipe, and had fallen in honorable combat to his student as a final test.

"If you call out to me, Tadakatsu, then it must be a dire time."

The Forsaken Warrior bowed his head respectfully. "Honored sensei, I have encountered a being that I have never dealt with before." The spirit bade him continue, and Tadakatsu told the night's events in full.

"Ah. So, this Ronx, as you say, was exorcised by the tribe you now pack with? I will inquire as to what beings could have discovered that demon. For now, you must trust in those who are more powerful, or more skilled, than you are. You will equal them some day, Tadakatsu, but for now you are still adjusting to the Forsaken form."

In his knelt position, Tadakatsu pressed his forehead to the ground, a show of complete respect. "Master, you allay my fears with your words, and I shall heed them." The spirit began to dissipate, but it left one final spoken bit before completely vanishing.

"Believe in yourself, Tadakatsu, and be strong. Be strong for your new family, be strong for those who are weak, and be strong in the face of those who would abuse their power. Do this... and you will have served my spirit a fine respite."

Time passed before Tadakatsu's tear-stained visage rose from the ground. The fire had long since died out, but he no longer cared, warmed as he was by the spirit's reassuring words. Patting the magical necklace that clasped the jug of Fire Sake to his belt, he smiled.

"Rest well, my Master, for tomorrow is another long day."
((And so...

I'd like to officially close this event by thanking and commenting. Thanking each and everyone who helped and participated in this, especially those who helped most, Lucin, Val, Skrap, Dispaya, Eveline, Tae, and a few more to be sure. Lucin especially for practically being my right hand man in this whole thing and helping keep this moving forward, not to mention giving me a bad ass song the fit the whole ordeal Ronx went through pretty well.

A special hand for Tae who wanted to help with this, but couldn't make it. Yay Witch Doctors! Boo sidetracks!...Yay to some though! >.>

The commenting part is for a few bits and pieces I was surprised/thrown off kilter about. I was surprised, very surprised to see how big this escalated to. I never would have guessed that officers, let alone how many in the entire tribe would have got involved. ...Okay, I knew Dispaya would get into it. */cough* This started as something I had as a storyline I had between some of my characters, a storyline I might or might not write out and put into the Salty sailor sometime. The last thing that surprised me was how long it lasted, I didn't mean to last the 2 1/2 months it did, and again that this many people were this interested.

Thank you all, and let the good times keep rollin'!


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