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The End of Hallow's End
Greetings Ironsong!!
Tonight marks the end of Hallow's End! Along with this night was the Hallow's End Ball, which proved to be a more than fitting send off for this wonderful holiday. The music was grand and we seemed to have quite a few in attendance for the event. After some dancing and some food the costume contest began. There were many great costumes and I am sure some of the attendees will have pictures to show for it!

Thank you to Axulia, Turinis, Nande, and Kureei for making a wonderful panel of judges!

Although there were many entries to the contest, there could only be a handful of winners... these winners ( and their prizes ) Are listed below!

Couples Contest Winners
1st Place : Valtrinity and Lurie as Nat Pagle and Gahz'Ranka, wining an [item]36934[/item] each
2nd Place : Dispaya and Lucinther as Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf/ Big Bad Grand Mother, winning an [item]42702[/item] each

Stand Alone Costume Winners
1st Place: Cernwennan as a Kirin Tor Mage, winning a [item]19290[/item]
2nd Place: Nadilynn as a Valkyre of Death, winning Three [item]34057[/item]s
3rd Place: Saryth as the Headless Horseman, winning [item]49633[/item]
4th Place: Noodlemortis as the 'Great Pumpkin' complete with pumpkin patch, winning a[item]8500[/item]
5th Place: Kaisharra as a Haunted Ghost, winning a [item]8500[/item]

Over all the evening went well. I do hope everyone enjoyed the festivities!

Sing True, Ironsong!
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]
Where are the screenies?
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