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The Dream, and Destiny
Tadakatsu awoke with a panicked start, rising up out of his bedroll and panting, breathing heavily.

He knew, somewhere in his head, that he no longer needed to breathe as often, but the mind often reverts to old times when one is scared.

It was the fifth time in as many nights that his mentor had appeared to him. Yun Warbrewer had been dead for many years, but that was not stopping his shade from visiting his student at night.

Tadakatsu knew how to bring forth his mentor's spirit with the right rituals, but he hadn't used them since Ronx's ordeal. Well enough, too, as the mentor liked to reside within the Netherwhelp that Tadakatsu had been given by Yun's mate, after the fight so long ago.

What scared him now was what Yun wanted for his student. A smattering of images passed through Tadakatsu's head...

...the necrolich, Kel'thuzad...

...the Scarlet Crusade...


...and one single word muttered by his mentor, that haunted his dreams every night.


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