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The Darkreaver Menace
I come before you all seeking help with this particular quest. I need 4 other brave souls aside from my own, to venture with me into Scholomance. There we must fight a small army, strong enough to wipe a city or town in hours. I'm looking specifically for a Warrior, a Priest (or two) and anything else to fill the last spot. We set out as soon as we have all members on a day we can all attend. Though not many errors are allowed when we seek this monster, as my pockets are only so big *grins*

(( Long story short, i need 4 people to come with me to scholo to fight the longest set of waves known to man. And we have to keep the wipes to a minimum, becuase it costs 10g each time for supplies to summon them))
Count me in.

Waltimus loves Scholomance. I'll go anytime I'm available.

The way I see it, if you 5 man it (and there is no reason why we cannot 5 man it) there are 7 or 8 boss mobs that yield drops for every class.
Dark Master Gandling drops really good gear for any class that goes.
The time constraint to finish Scholo is roughly 2 and 1/2 hours.

we should own that place.

Single small force fight in the depths of ruin known as Scholomance? Sounds like a lot of fun to me. I rather enjoy that place.

(( <<< wipe insurance .... don't leave Orgrimmar without it ))

(( Just kidding, but I'm willing to go if you could use me ))
((Awesome, could deffinetly use the both of ye! Just need 2 more and we're game for some fun in Scholomance Smile ))
We also need a where and a when.......

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