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The Curse of Shadowfang (Lead your tribe to victory!)
Some of you may be aware of my past history and opinion of the man they call Argul. But for those who are unaware I will go into further detail.

When I was an Archmage in the city of Dalaran I was in contact with many that true wizards referred to as Trinket Mages. These were individuals who, because of a lack of natural magical aptitude, had to rely on magical relics to perform their will. If these Trinket Mages ever had a king, it would be Argul.

Argul was not only devoid of natural power, but also in appropriate virtue. He was a thief and a scoundrel, and like most of his ilk, eventually turned to forbidden magics to supplement his weak blood. For this he was exiled from the city of Dalaran and took refuge in the small village of Pyrewood, which is over looked by the then titled fortress of Silverfang, named for the marshal who over saw its construction after the second great war.

From this vantage point Argul continued his forbidden delvings and assisted the advance of the Scourge by undermining the defenses of Silverfang Keep. In exchange he thought he was to get the entire fortress as his head quarters, as well as many magical supplies. Though he did get the keep, he was cursed in the prossess. The nature of this curse I will get into shortly.

After the destruction of Dalaran and the retraction of the Scourge in the area Argul contacted the remnants of the Kirin Tor and offered them his aid in rebuilding there power. It shows the true extent of the once great mage nation’s fall by the fact that they accepted Argul’s proposal. With Kirin Tor’s aid he was able to secure more and more relics to aid his false and inflated powers, though nothing was enough to break the curse on his soul.

Now if the time to tell of this curse, its nature I most recently discovered while questioning Dalaran mages in an unrelated matter. This curse makes Argul immortal. Though this sounds like a lovely affair for most, the nature of this immortality would make one suffering from it beg for death.

The curse binds Argul’s soul to the keep itself, making it impossible for him to leave its confines. This is why the Pyrewood Council and their worgan minions do all of Argul’s outside work. If Argul’s physical form is destroyed it is reformed after a week’s time. So why he can never permanently die, he can at least be kept in a state of perpetual death. Also tied to the Keep are the souls of those Argul betrayed. They also can not be permanently destroyed, but return with Argul’s spirit even if only to torment him further.

Because of the dislike I hold for these trinket mages and Argul in particular, I have put together a proposal. Every week I will lead a group into the dreary confines of Shadowfang Keep and purge Argul’s foul presence from the structure, as well as banishing any other distasteful entities that we happen to encounter. Any are free to apply, I only ask you to be prompt and prepared.

(So pretty much, I will be leading a 5 man group into Shadowfang Keep every Tuesday at 7 PM server time, starting tonight. Anyone is welcome to come, but those of level to the dungeon have priority. My hope is to have fun, do a lot of roleplaying and get a few quests done for people in the process. Please meet at Shadowfang promptly, with any quests you might need etc. Hope to see you there!)
Well done Master Ebberk
I shall be glad to accompany you and your group if there is an empty slot. (Of course those of level take priority...but if you want an extra hand give me a whisper.) I shall also be glad to sub in your stead if something comes up and you can not make it sometime.

The wretches of Pyrewood and that Keep are a bane to all Forsaken of that region. I shall be glad to help you and any other purge it's halls of evil.

Sing True Ironsong!
Last night Ebberk led the first expedition into Shadowfang. A few of us went along for the ride. If you like SFK then you should DEFINITELY visit it with Ebberk. He has a background story that adds a RP component to the adventure and it was very entertaining! I encourage all of you to go along one week with a main or an alt.

Nicely done Ebberk!

Sing True Ironsong!

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