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The Crimson Courier
Greetings Ironsong. I'm looking for a group of people willing to do this quest with me. It's an elite quest in the eastern plaguelands. I would appreciate any help I can get with it. Depending on how much interest there is in this, a date will be for sometime in the coming week.
Nobody needs to do this quest? I know at least Jabadue needs to do it. Anyone else?
Greetings, Filiminjaru!

I believe I intercepted the Courier some time ago, and was rewarded with a beautiful wand for my efforts. Though not all are sympathetic to the cause of my people, the rewards for aiding our Champion, Nathanos, are excellent. At the same time, one would be ridding the Plaguelands of a terrible blight.

I would happily join you and Jabadue in your efforts to fight her! I may not be able to committ to a set time just yet, but I am interested!

Other Tribemates will join us as well, I am sure that they are simply unaware of the importance of all this! If that is the case, please speak with Nathanos Blighcaller, champion of the Dark Lady at his post in the Eastern Plaguelands.

- Eveline

(( The quests are excellent, with the final rewards being a lovely bow, wand or shield. I suggest that everyone who has not completed this so far take part! The quest series begins Nathanos Blightcaller.))
I'll help you out anytime mate.
If you see me around and I am not commited to something already, I would be happy to help you kill ANY member of the Scarlet's.
I actually still need to do this. So if I am around give me a holler.
I would be happy to assist as Naruth, or come along with Vilyave if you could spare the healing, as Vil has yet to complete this. I'll keep an eye here in case you schedule something, or, just give me a poke in game.
Well, we had a succesful go at it. The group assembled was also able to kill the scarlet oracle. But, an extremely difficult fight for the rewards offered I'd have to say. A big thanks to Tetsumis for kiting the oracle to her death.

Don't disdain the rewards - the Stormrager for example served me for an extremely long while, and I believe Kosath still uses his Gorewood Bow. Perhaps they will not be major upgrades for everyone, but I find it admirable to hear of Tribemates completing these original quests.

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris

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