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The Champions of Northrend
((Soon I would like to facilitate Heroic Dungeon raids throughout Northrend. The layout will be quite simple, which will be explained in my official post in a couple days.

The reason I am starting this? First and foremost, it is an opportunity for other tribe members to pull out their level eighty alts that are sitting in the void between dinging eighty and entering Naxxramas, as well as an opportunity for them to become more familiar with their alt in a group setting, which may in turn benefit themselves and other tribesmates. Second, Reputation. If your anything like me, I hate farming rep and doing dailies, so Championing is an easy way to kill three birds with one stone. Thirdly, gear...its an unfortunate necessity to progress in this game and so we must give in to the higher beings and farm instances for that delicious drop from the final boss.

"Why only Heroics Eru'Adan?" - Heroics allow people to aquire class experience (within a group and via challenges Heroics bring), gear, badges, and reputation. I may run regulars...not as often, but I am seeing if it would take up my life or not since I will be in University and working fulltime come September.

If your interested, keep this in mind. I will officially announce who, what, where, and when in the next couple days, ultimately upon Officer approval, as I know we have a full schedule already as it is.))

Garudo will be facilitating a couple Heroic instances this evening at 18:00 Server time for any that are interested. A good time for those to bring out their new 80 alts and grab some gear, Reputation and badges. Instance(s) will be decided once a group gets started. I will call for it OOC 15 minutes prior wearing the "Helm of OOC Beat Stick Protection". Hope to see many of you there!

Bah, I have class Monday nights and wont be able to attend.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
Krell Wrote:Bah, I have class Monday nights and wont be able to attend.

Dont worry, I will be facilitating 2 or 3 each week at varying times.
Tomorrow (June 24th) at 6pm Server Time, Garudo will be facilitating Heroic instances for those that wish to go. I will call for it 15 minutes prior to start and we will be doing 1 or more depending on intrest and time constraints. If there is no intrest within that time frame I will postpone it until another day this week.

Posting this to give those more than an afternoon's notice Big Grin

Since there has been little intrest in what I was attempting to do, and me not having any experience at all in organizing things. I will no longer be planning Heroic runs on a set schedule. There are others with more experience and who are more organized that are capable of doing such things and attracting the intrest of others. Instead I will just ask randomly if I have time while I am online.

I thank those who came yesterday and suffered through a couple wipes while my internet protested, and one where I just didnt know what I was doing. I had fun and hope to do it again sometime with my fellow Tribesmates.

Sorry to those who were looking forward to future plans, but sometimes things just dont work out when lack of intrest puts you down.


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