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The Cards Damoxian Keeps
This is a list of Cards that I have for the tribe at my disposal. The only thing I ask is that before you request cards, you have an ace for that deck..as I do not want to hand people the easy part before they prove to me they have done the hard.

Warlords- 2, 3, 4(x2), 6

Beast - 2 , 3 , 4, 5(x3), 7, 8

Portals - 2, 4, 5(x2), 6, 7(x4)

Elements 3(x4), 6(x2), 8(x3)

If you want a card I have a duplicate of, please mail me any card I do not have on this list so I can try to complete sets for the tribe.

Thank you,

Edit - as a quick side note, the player name I use to hold my cards is Lilisand, save me some postage and send to that character if you want to donate to the guild card library.

Edit - Updating card holdings.

Congradulations Shillatae on your blue dragon set. 2/6/06
Kosath withdrew the 2-6 of warlords to help with his set 2/13/06

I will be updating those who finish sets so that more praise may be heaped upon me for this idea.
I just wanted once more thank everyone who's donated cards, and Damoxian/Lilisand for organizing this, and Jabulji for giving me the ace of beasts for a very reasonable price, for making it possible for me to get the Blue Dragon card. You guys are all wonderful!
I now have the Ace of Beasts for the Blue Dragon card, if you could please send me what you can toward the deck so I can pick up the rest before the Faire is back.
once you get a 5 of elements tell me.. please
Damo, my fine fiendy friend. if you happen across warlord cards 5-7 could you keep me in mine please.

I also need Ace of port's if you see one let me know.
ok completed the Warlords deck. so dont worry about me needing cards need an ace of ports but ill have to get that from the AH most likely.
our enemies will not know we are there till my sword is sticking out threw their chests.
~Proud 'Raider' of the Ironsong tribe.~
trying to collect a new deck. Could i get one or you eight of elementals from you please?
our enemies will not know we are there till my sword is sticking out threw their chests.
~Proud 'Raider' of the Ironsong tribe.~
I only need 5, 7, and 8 of Beasts to complete my deck for the Blue Dragon Card. Would any of these be available?


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