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The Butcher Walks
"Barman! More of the Same" Shouted a dark furred Tauren Death Knight. It was her 12th drink of the night, and it was plain to see for the rest of the bars patrons that it was all going to go downhill from there.
"I think you've had enough ma'am"
"I'll tell you when I've had enough" Shouted Kuuru, standing up quickly sending the stool she was sat upon skittering back. "So get my my drink, Now"
"Tell ya' what ma'am, You tell me why your trying to drown yourself in Caraway Burmwine, and the next round is on me"
Kuruu looked into the surly barman's eyes for a moment before sitting herself back down at the bar. "You've got a deal"

"Kuruu, I need Armand back on his feet, NOW!" Roared the armor clad orc. What did he think she WAS doing? Polishing her hooves? Kuruu bit back her retort, and continued on attempting to stem the wounds on her companions. Who would of thought that a routine Argent Dawn endeavor could go so horribly wrong. Armand had just been scouting ahead, his lithe undead frame slinking through the shadows. But not all undead are mindless they found. A Shade had spotted Armand, and quickly called for any nearby reinforcements to aid it. And they had.
Countless Abominations were striding down the street at them, with Grokkar attempting to catch as many blows on his shield while they retreated. It was no use, with Hakmund carrying an unconscious Armand, he was unable to cast spells with a gestural component, reducing him to mana shields.
Kuruu attempted to focus, trying to push some of natures life-force through her staff and into the comatose rogue, once again, it failed, hes distraction broken by a stray meat hook striking the pavement at her feet.
"Grok, its not working, we need to get somewhere quiet"
"Shuttup Woman, what do you think I'm Doing"

"I should'a let him die then and there" Glowered Kuruu to the barman. "Would'a saved us all a lot of pain and horror, the bastard deserved to be torn apart by Abominations"
"So why didn't you?"
Kuruu sat and thought for several minutes, dragging up memories, half clouded by alcohol. "The rest of our party, they didn't deserve that fate"

"Hakmund, where in the twisting nether has that warlock gone?" Shouted Grokkar
"Mon..I aint been seein' 'im since Arma'd be gettin' beat"
Grokkar let out a string of curses, they were all exhausted, and hopelessly lost in the city, and it seemed that the powers that watched over the city knew it. Very few undead came at where they were holed up. A small chapel near the cities service gate. Kuruu sat alone on one of the pews, her rage only equaled by her despair. Grokkar had forced them to leave Armand to the Abominations, and then lead them into a desolate corner of the city which gave them no way out. An armored boot slamming into the side of the pew stirred her.
"Get up, Shaman, We're moving"
Kuruu stood up warily and followed him back out into the street, Hakmund following close behind. As they left, a shrill cry echoed off the ruined stone buildings, and a figure on a steed rode towards them, silhouetted by the flames of the buildings. Grokkar stepped forward to greet the stranger, thinking it was aid, only to be felled by a flashing runeblade. Hakmund attempted to halt the unknown assailant, but his steeds powerful strides shattered the ice that Hakmund had conjured to bind it, and with a flash, he too was felled. Kuruu fell to her knees before the final blow could land, begging for mercy, and the sword hit home, however it was the pommel which struck her, not the blade, and she fell to the ground, as good as dead.

"So you survived and your buddies didn't? Thats nothing to be crying about, ask anyone in this city and they can probably tell you a similar story" Laughed the barman. Kuruu looked up, her dead blue eyes boring a hole right through the barman's soul.
"I haven't finished.."

"YES! Yes! Run you cowards! Run! The Scourge is upon you" Roared Kuruu, her blade singing as it eviscerated another villager. "Come Brothers, Sisters, There is much more slaughter to be had!" She ran off headlong into a brutal mellee between dozens of ghouls and Scarlet Crusaders, swinging her blade with reckless abandon, not caring whether she struck living or dead flesh, as long as the blood flowed.
Other Death knights followed, some freezing the townsfolk and Crusaders to the bone, others unleashing horrific diseases. Some, like her, charging headlong into the foray to relish in the gore.
She had become a disciple of Blood, relishing in martial combat and the death that followed. She had left the clutch of her morality in Stratholme, now, now she was Kuruu, Kuruu the Merciless, Kuruu the Bloody. Kuruu The Butcher.
A Crusader made a wild swing, and it slashed through her hood, leaving a bloody rent through her face. She laughed manically, and drove her blade up into his ribcage, and tore it out savagely. The crack of his rib's shattering was extacy to Kuruu. A ballista impaled a fellow deathknight who was fighting at her side. Mercilessly she finished him herself, the body spasming violently.
A mighty screech filled the air, and a shadow passed over the land. Frost Wyrms. The Lich King had sent Frost Wyrms to aid them. Truly they were his favored minions. She ran to cover, knowing that the unholy beasts would rain terror on any caught bellow. She slew the occupants of the house without even thinking, they were in the way, and soon thereafter, death rained from the sky. Kuruu watched from within the house, her gore stained armor a bloody testament to the might of the Scourge, and the destruction outside a sign of its reach.

The barkeep's eyes grew wide. Kuruu's story of horror and slaughter was one rarely heard in the bar, even if it was in the most shady part of Dalaran. "You mean...that all Death Knights...they were there?"
"All of us of the Ebon Blade, yes"
"Bububut how are you here? Not down there" The barman made a non specific direction to outside Dalarans wall's
"'We...We were betrayed, The Lich King was using us as tools" Mused Kuruu "We mattered not to him, Some of us..found it hard to throw off the behavior ingrained into our souls, most of us hide it. So about that drink.."

((please, comments and criticisms, its been a long while since ive written a character story))

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