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The Bloodsnake Brothers
It is a cold night in the desert of Durator. Overhead, twin moons light the surrounding landscape with a ghostly tone. A tall, blue Troll squats by a fire, just outside a broken-down hut in Sen'jin village. Light from the flickering flames plays across his face, giving it a more horrid aspect than usual.

Jabadue holds a struggling white rooster in his left hand, despite a missing index finger. Something between a sneer and a grin is frozen on his face. Hard use and many miles are written in the missing front tooth and a permanent squint. In addition to the greasy blue stuff on his head, long, blue tufts of hair sprout from his ears. Reddish brown splotches and stains, old blood, his own and others, smear his cloak and armor. With one smooth motion, he draws a dagger from his belt and slits the rooster's throat. Chanting to his god, Ogoun, Jabadue holds the spurting and flopping rooster over the fire, and lets the blood pour into the crackling fire. With a wave of his hand, a crimson snake appears at his side. Snake and Troll start to wave their bodies in unison, coiling to strike, whirling and circling. As the dance continues, in the uncertain light, the Troll assumes the aspect of a large serpent, mimicing the charmed, smaller snake that he has summoned.

Apparently awakened by the snake dance, a large Troll with a red mohawk emerges from the hut. Filiminjaru nods at his brother as Jabadue finishes the snake dance. He peers out into the darkness, and whistles. In a few moments, a large, tawny mountain lion with a broken canine appears out of the darkness. Without a word, Filiminjaru sits by the fire, pulls out a large skinning knife, and begins working on the mutilated carcass of a boar. Subaka, his pet, settles in next to him with a contented growl as a large hunk of boar meat is tossed his way. Filiminjaru works at the leather of the boar. The winters in Durator are cold, and a warm pair of gloves are needed. The large tusks protruding from Filiminjaru's mouth have set it in a rictus smile. The long mohawk is the color of fresh blood, and in the shifting firelight, almost seems like it is flame itself. His yellow eyes are bloodshot and slitted like a serpents. A jagged scar, which runs the length of his prominent nose, is discolored a ugly shade of blue, deeper than his skin color.

Jabadue and Filiminjaru are fraternal twins, sons of the Blood Snake house of the Darkspear tribe. They were born in the year that the second war began. Like their kin, they have made the journey from their ancestral home to the unfamiliar desert to serve the horde, and its warchief thrall. Both brothers received their names in battle with the murlocs that plagued their old home. This is when Jabadue lost his missing finger, gnawed off by a murloc, which is what his name refers to in the Troll language. It is also when Filiminjaru received his nose wound. His name means blood head, referring to the color of his large red mane, the red fluid from the wound that covered his face after the battle, and the bloody murloc head of his attacker that he carried around on a rope from his belt, that is, until his Momma and Papa Troll asked him to throw the stinking head away. Not to worry, Jabadue used his awakening Voodoo powers to shrink and preserve the trophy for his brother. Now, they are footsoldiers of the horde, and have seen much battle against not only against Admiral Proudmore's invading human host, but also in constant border skirmishes and raids.

They believe that a united Troll nation is the only way to ensure their people's safety and the best way for Darkspear to serve the horde. The Trolls were the first peoples of Azeroth, and created its first great empires and civilizations. Since that time of passed glory, the Trolls are now outcasts, without a homeland of their own. Except for perhaps the gnomes, they are the race that is overlooked and given no say in their own future, let alone greater events and movements. They are despised, mistrusted, and persecuted. The brothers believe that the way to return to the past glory of the Trolls is to combine the old Voodoo ways with the new shamanistic knowledge, which they received from Thrall. Voodoo, the snake under whose auspices gather all who share faith, is the Troll heritage, and the common bond that could unite them into one, strong nation. The snake dance, which Jabadue has just performend, is the outward sign of the unity of the Trolls, with their kin, this world, and the world beyond. Thus, the god, or loa, that they revere above all others is Damballah, the father and creator of all life, and whose sign, or vever, is the snake. Jabadue and Filiminjaru's family has always been strong in the Voodoo, and their family name, Bloodsnake, reflects that. As with all trolls, they had humans, elves, and dwarves as the destroyers of their old empires.

Jabadue particularly worships Ogoun, a powerful warrior and the loa of warfare, fire, lightening, and blacksmithing. Jaba is an accomplished blacksmith and weaponsmith. A member of the Mithril order, he performs his ritual to Ogoun every chance he can get to give his thanks to the loa for his skill, and to call on his ancestor spirits to aid him in his craft and in battle. Filiminjaru follows Grand Bois, the loa of the forest and nature. As he likes dancing and joking, and has considerable healing powers, he also has a soft-spot for Ghede, the jester loa.

The brothers bear a particular enmity against the humans. When Proudmore's forces drove the Darkspears from the Echo Isles, they lost the rest of their family. While the brothers battled on the front lines, human rogues slipped into the rear to raid the Troll settlements. The brothers' parents were older, and passed their time of soldiering. In addition, they had a young daughter, Rosu, to look after. When the humans attacked, the parents sent Rosu to hide in an outhouse. They fought fiercely, killing several marauders, but eventually, were overcome and murdered. When the brothers returned to the hut, they found their parents. Their ears had been cut off and tusks ripped out as trophies. There was no sign of Rosu, except for her favorite doll, made from water reeds with seashell eyes. Since that time, the brothers have searched for Rosu across the lands of Azeroth. They have been across the ocean to search the human lands of Lordaeron and Azerothlands, and have penetrated Theramore Isle. Here and there from merchants and other wanderer's, they have picked up word of a Troll girl in human hands, but everytime the trail has gone cold. Nevertheless, they have vowed to find their sister, and have only returned to Sen'jin village to replenish their supplies and spirits.
Excellent, excellent stuff. Kudos for knowledge of vodoun and Azeroth lore.
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