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The Blood of Drakk
Good afternoon Tribemates,

I am at a point where I seek to have a stern conversation with Drakk in Blackrock. Actually...to be more accurate, I'm after his blood.

Are there others who are at this point in their adventures? Perhaps we can get a small raid together this Sunday (Oct 1) and teach him a lesson?

((I dont have the technical know-how to lead the raid, but I'd be very happy to assist in gathering the groups together to get this done))

Who's with me?

59.75 Forsaken Priestess
I would love to come with. I have a score to settle with that dragon. If I am around please feel free to contact me.
Robn will come on Sunday...theorectically this dsl prob is supposed to be fixed Sat night by 8pm. Keeps going up and down on me atm.
If I can knock off Test of Skulls before that with Shurka, I'd be happy to come along. Anyone who'd be interested in helping me kill that off, say, tomorrow morning?
"You can never run from trouble, 'cause there ain't no place that far." - Scissor Sisters, "Lights"
I managed to get this done with a *shudders* pickup raid, but I'm willing to assist anyone else who still needs to get this done.

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