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The Ballad of Ironsong - by Dispaya
The Ballad of Ironsong
by Dispaya

I sing to thee a song of Iron and you know my words are true
come listen now and hear a story, of legends bold and deeds we do

Merrina lass leads by example, sword is swift and heart is pure
Damoxian he is quite grumpy, yet his heart soft at "The Core"

Kosath brave and mighty Tauren, all know his legend who are able,
Rawne our Rogue, all know HIS legend, at Inn and Pub and under table

Priestess Shillatae the lovely, watches over all we do
of Scarbelly all I can say, none needs watching more than you

The witch Eveline proud and dark, her spells seek out souls of the lost
and Ebberk brilliant frozen corpse, can't speak, his mouth is full of frost

Of Fleethoof all know of her courage, many faces does she show
Krelldor bold as is Iriina, and our own true pet Chio

Majhal is quite a sneaky fellow, always catch them unawares,
Out in the woods I met this Drakyth, somehow he agros "ALL" the bears

Uglawha and Umu our true friends, in battle want them at your side,
Of Oxzen raised by the wolf Fluffy, by "HIS" side I've died and died

None can rival Nicoaa's magic, spells shoot far and hard and true
Of Kretol our Warlock brother, none could help us more than you

Gidayo has the strangest story, of cat swifthoof and how he'd meet her,
This fellow Gruunk runs through the jungles, he's a purple people beater

Asaram the mighty hunter, a braver soul I have not met,
by his side we battled Ogres, I died...he barely broke a sweat

Of Tyluroth a noble chap, on beasts and dragons he's always wailin'
and yet I find his name most strange, ((is he of Aerosmith or Van Halen?))

'Tov is now flagged once again, seems he always gets abused,
Jabulji strong as is our Jadyn, still I get their names confused

Tauren Pinto our great artist, his pen is mightier than his blade
And Saltin none can stop his courage, at his best when on a raid

Inanna mother to us all, all the tribe knows of her fame
Mamimi now our newest member, still I can't pronounce her name

And Sreng of course our fearless leader, heart of stone, his blade is strong
at the moots we love to cheer him, even though his wind is long

As for me I must give mention, Dispaya she whose words are strange,
For thee, and thou and ye and all, are for who this song I did arrange.

So sing again a song of Iron, sing and know my words are strong
If your name I did not mention, know this can only go so long

(or is it?)
Sing True Ironsong!
"Of Tyluroth a noble chap, on beasts and dragons he's always wailin'
and yet I find his name most strange, ((is he of Aerosmith or Van Halen?))"

I lol'd. Big Grin

Good work!
Ohh! Ohh! Lemme try my hand at this.

Over there's Vashu, our token mute, I think
Is your nose broken too? That pig's the epitome of stink!
Sorry for the double post >.<
<hearty applause!>

Well done, Dispaya!

"...even though his wind is long" made me chuckle...in a completely respectful way of course, Sreng.

"((is he of Aerosmith or Van Halen?))" made me think for a second and then laugh!

But what I don't understand is why I need watchin'? <glowers with a glint of humor in his eyes>
Dearest Scar...
Thou ((your character)) struck me right away as one who oft times stumbles into trouble unawares. ((This is my impression of the character but not the player...you play the game well my friend))

My human father once told me that "a name is worth 1000 words" and my impressions are also formed by snippets of things said in tribal chats (during RP). I saw thee right away as a stepchilde the tribe will have to look after and protect, and in turn thee will grow into a mighty warrior. Thus in my little joke, "watch" is not meant in the sense of mistrust, but in the sense that "we will watch over you and keep you out of trouble...to take you under our wing so to speak." (*winks)

Be it known that I find you to be a mighty Brave, and I am honored whenever able to fight at your side.

Sing True Ironsong!
Uh-oh, you're going to be in trouble... kretol's a shaman, lass. ::chuckles:: If you see a suspicious storm cloud formin' over yer head, just run and don't look back.
I stand corrected
let it be now "...Shaman brother..."

Dispaya the unawares
Sing True Ironsong!

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