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That forskaen thing again
Since we lost all the names, I'm extending it to next tuesday, please reapply =)
[Image: 2738341mWkUR.png]
Efluvious is in.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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*salute* Mindiall Ready for action!
What time was this supposed to be on Tuesday?
I will make one of my forsaken characters available if I am online when this happens.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
To Ronx,

There is no time frame that this is starting on tuesday, this is just a casting call of sorts. =) Tuesday is just the deadline for people to express interest before I start shuffling our undead companions around =)
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Neat (my mage, Level 70) will participate if possible.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Bruxinha if needed. (the unguilded one I mentioned before to you and in here.)
Ebberk would like to participate in this. He has placed a number of hidden enchantments amoungst the forsaken ranks that allow him to scry on their current and past activities, as well as give him basic information at their distribution. This may prove usefull in some measure.
Irette (69 mage) is in if ya need her. ((I won't be getting home until around 5:30 server time, just to let ya know)
yea i dont think it's tuesday Tongue i know there are a few raid that go on that night.
I volunteer Naruth!
I was considering the creation of a Forsaken character to participate, but once the casting call is over my WoW account will only last for another five days. =/ I should be back a couple of weeks after that, at most, but is that too much time away for me to participate?
Apparently, I'm such a good rogue that I should become a tank.
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I be huntin' rabbits!
[Image: 216222NVlZD.png]
to all: Casting Call is on tuesday, the prologue is starting though (if you didn't make it to moot, or didn't read the Salty Sailor post). Tuesday there will be another nonforsaken action that is just a small group RP for plot furthering. It will culminate into a post that will start everything.

I should probably divulge my intents for this so everyone understands what is happening, so everyone can figure out what to do. Everyone who has signed up will be seperated into one of three groups for the RP. Being in game will not be a necessary part most of the time, as I can also further things here through Ghol'jans recon posts and Zeengo's action reports. There will be much more people involved, and everyone (YES EVERYONE) Is allowed to post and debate on those. You can also write actions for yourself, if you are unable to go into game (for taks and anyone else who isn't able to come). There will be plenty of ingame action time. We have alot of ideas. In all, this plot can run anywhere from 3 weeks to a 8weeks, depending on how much everyone likes it and wants to get in. I encourage everyone chipping in, I hope you like the story =)
[Image: 2738341mWkUR.png]
I would like to sign up Elior (unguilded) and Algernon to be part of this. Elior for the most part though. Due to time restrictions, I may be unable to enter the game when this pops up, so I probably would have to put my parts up in the forum, which is fine with me.

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