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Thanks, Eveline and Shantow!
I'd like to take a moment to thank Eveline and Shantow, and a few others. In some cases, I supplied the mats, in others, I got help from a lot of people. So here goes.

For a [item]Vengeance Wrap[/item]: Eveline, the crafter, for the time, help, and [item]Primal Nether[/item]. Shillatae, for exchanging a ton of [item]Shadowcloth[/item] for their constituent materials. Vythika, for transmuting the last two [item]Shadowcloth[/item] in Shadowmoon. Daichallar, for some [item]Primal Shadow[/item]. Rajana, for disenchanting a ton of greens into [item]Arcane Dust[/item]. The Guild Bank, for a whole lot of [item]Netherweave Cloth[/item].

For a [item]Shadowprowler's Chestguard[/item]: Shantow, the crafter, who needed Exalted with the Violet Eye, and for the [item]Primal Nether[/item] and [item]Bolt of Soulcloth[/item]. Mellith for some [item]Primal Shadow[/item] and [item]Primal Earth[/item], and Dispaya for some [item]Primal Shadow[/item].

For [item]Fel Leather Leggings[/item]: Greyfith, the crafter, for his time, and Freithe for the gems inserted into it. Daichallar for some [item]Primal Shadow[/item].

For [item]Enchanted Clefthoof Gloves[/item]: Greyfith, again, for the time and gems.

For a [item]Necklace of the Deep[/item]: Bendon, for the time to craft it, and some other gems. The Guild Bank, for the [item]Jaggal Pearl[/item]s.

In case you couldn't tell, I mooched a LOT of [item]Primal Shadow[/item] off of people. Thank goodness for a giving tribe!
[item]Primal Shadow[/item]

Tips go in the tip jar.
(O.o )
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Polled, 70 Tauren huntress
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You are very welcome, dear! It was a pleasure to make.

Hurrah for the generosity of so many Tribemates!

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