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Thalassian Primer (Blood Elf Language)
To begin the education of our more barbaric ... brethern of the Horde, we must introduce them to the basics of Thalassian.

Our ancestors, the quel'dorei, made their exodus from Kalimdor to set up the Eastern Kingdoms. There they lived for millenia and their language, which we call Thalassian, still retains parts of their old tongue, Darnassian.

So far, linguistic scholars have opted to err on the side of caution in documenting Darnassian terms and phrases that are also considered part of the Thalassian language. Certainly this issue, however delicate, merits further research. Nevertheless, addressing a quel'dorei or sin'dorei with a Darnassian-specific word or phrase can be considered offensive or at the very least rather foolish, and so the speaker must handle the situation with care.

Here are a few basic phrases that you loveable simpletons can wrap your brains about.

Al diel shala - "Safe travels." - A farewell.
Anar'alah belore. - "By the light of the sun." - Used as either a battle cry or a vow.
Anaria shola. - "Speak your business." - A greeting often used in a businesslike context.
Anu belore dela'na. - "The sun guides us." - A greeting exchanged only with blood elves or high elves. Note that greeting a night elf with this phrase would not be particularly wise.
Bal'a dash, malanore. - "Greetings, traveler." - A greeting.
Bash'a no falor talah! - "Taste the chill of true death!" Not a widespread expression or battle cry. It seems reasonably clear, however, that the speaker is directing this threat against a group of undead.
Doral ana'diel? - "How fare you?" - A greeting.
Medivh - "Keeper of Secrets" - When used as a proper noun, Medivh refers to the last Guardian of Tirisfal.
Selama ashal'anore. - "Justice for our people." - Used as either a vow or a farewell.
Shindu fallah na! - "They're breaking through!" - No meaning beyond the obvious: a warning that the enemy has breached the defenses.
Shorel'aran. - "Farewell." - A farewell.
Sin'dorei - "Children of the Blood" - Can also be interpreted as "people of the bloodline". Typically used to refer to blood elves.
Sinu a'manore. - "Well met." A greeting.
Sunstrider - "He who walks the day." - When used as a proper noun, Sunstrider is the family name of the high elves' royal bloodline, the last scion of which is Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider.

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