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Greetings! My name is Thak, and I'm a warrior of the Darkspear. One of my old friends gave the title "The Unremarkable," but I have a new set of friends now. Unfortunately they seem to agree, so I guess that's my title. Oh, and I'm a listed as a grunt in the Orgrimmar legion.

Merrina is my sponsor. I don't know her very well, and I'm not sure that she knows me much either, but I've heard very good things about her from a variety of sources, and I can only hope that she hasn't heard any bad stories about me. Coranda, what are you telling people about me, anyway? Coranda is the one who told me about the Ironsong tribe, and when she said that she was applying I decided that I would as well.

I have only been in one guild before, Stormfist. Soon after I first learned to use polearms, I happened to make some daggers for a rogue in Tirisfal. He was in that guild, and at the time they were looking for more members, so he convinced me to join. Unfortunately, I never actually ended up doing anything with them. For a long time I was too inexperienced to join in their battles, and when I was finally strong enough, they were more interested in people who could do other things than swing a mace. In the end I became tired of being ignored all the time, and quietly returned my guild tabard. I'm not sure if anyone noticed.

As for before that.... well, my childhood was relatively uneventful. My mother was a hunter and my father was a witch doctor, but I was never much good at the things they tried to teach me. I never had any great skill with voodoo, or any other kind of magic. Every time I met an animal in the jungle it would bite me, and I broke my mother's second-best bow when she tried to teach my to use it. I'm too embarrassed to mention what happened the first time I tried to be stealthy. I always liked hitting things with sticks, though, so I decided that I would do that for a living. I've learned to use swords, axes, and spears, but I've always preferred maces. I fought in the last war, even though I was a bit young, but never really saw much combat, and I didn't really perform and acts of heroics.

I decided to take up blacksmithing so that I could make my own weapons, eventually becoming a hammersmith. I even managed to make a beautiful Serenity, before realizing that very few people like maces as much as me and no-one would ever buy it. My next project is a masterwork stormhammer, much like the ones that the great shaman use. I need to find a few more gems and something to pad the grip, though.

I am interested in joining the Ironsong Tribe because it seems like a friendly place full of interesting people. And, er, since it's organized less like a military outfit and more like a, er, tribe, I'm more likely to actually have something to do.

One of the biggest challenges I have had is learning to fight alongside others. They keep expecting me to lead them! I'm just a grunt... I don't know much about tactics, or strategics, or... umm... grammatics... but no-one else will do it, so I have to. So I've been learning to lead groups, and I've actually been doing surprisingly well at that. I'll never be a great warlord, but perhaps one day I'll be more comfortable leading smaller groups.

As for the future... I'm not sure what I want. It might be nice to die heroically in combat one day, but unless it was really important to do so, I'd much prefer to live, er, violently ever after. Maybe meet a nice lady who could put up with me leaving piles of weapons lying around our house out by the echo isles.... but that's in the future. Also, I've heard rumors that plans have been found for an amazing hammer known only as "The Persuader." I would love to create such a beautiful mace, and introduce it to the enemies of the horde. I can be very persuasive when I have to be...

I guess that's it. I hope I haven't forgotten anything. I hope that you will accept me into your tribe!

Oh, and yes, I've read your code of conduct, and I agree to follow its terms.

Many apologies, but I will be unable to attend a moot for some time. I have been asked to attend to some family matters, and it appears that they will require my undivided attention.


((OOC: I'll be away on a family vacation for two weeks, but hopefully I'll be able to attend once I'm back. sorry!))
I look forward to meeting you, Thak.

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