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Tectus nutshell guide
In this fight we fight Tectus and a number of adds, and as Tectus is killed, he splits into multiple versions of himself that we will keep having to defeat. This fight has an enrage timer of 10 minutes.


This is a three phase fight. When killed, Tectus splits into two copies of himself, called Shards of Tectus, which have the same abilities as Tectus, but have less health and do less melee damage than Tectus. When these copies are killed, they each split into 4 copies called Motes of Tectus, again with almost identical abilities but with less health and less damage than the Shards.

* When Tectus reaches 0% health he splits into two Shards of Tectus
* When a Shard is killed, it splits into four Motes of Tectus
* When all the Motes are killed the encounter is over

Note: Tectus and the Shards of Tectus are UNKILLABLE except during specific times during the encounter. If we don’t get a kill in that window, we’ll have to wait for a new one.

During the first phase of the fight, when it’s just Tectus, we’ll also have to deal with adds.


Tectus and the Shards have an energy bar that fills up over time, with the rate of fill increasing as their health decreases. The base time (at full health) is around 30 seconds. While they are gaining energy they have a bug called The Living Mountain (Tectus) and Shard of the Mountain (on the Shards) which make them unkillable, though they can still be damaged during this time.

When their energy reaches maximum capacity, the buff disappears and they begin channeling a spell called Tectonic Upheaval for 13 seconds. This deals raid-wide damage, and while it is cast the energy bars become depleted. THIS is the kill window. If we don’t kill them during this channel, they’ll heal a small percentage, and we’ll need to wait for the next window.

Note: Motes of Tectus can always be killed (they have energy bars and also cast Tectonic Upheaval, but can be killed at any time).


From the start of the fight until we kill Tectus.

Tectus’ Abilities

* Accretion: periodic, passive self-buff the increases his damage. Can be gradually removed if damaged sufficiently. If we’re doing full DPS on Tectus he’ll have at most one stack.
* Crystalline Barrage: Damaging cloud that targets a raid member. Inflicts large amounts of damage.
* Fracture: Earth spike + knockback. Location indicated by graphic effect on the ground.
* Earthen Pillar: Ability that Tectus uses at 25 Energy. Raises a very large spike of earth at the location of a random raid member, deals fatal damage to anyone hit by it. Appears to target only ranged players. Also has graphic effect ahead of time. These persist for longer and restrict LoS and movement.

Two types of adds:

* Night-Twisted Earthwarpers
—> Gift of Earth: creates a void zones that moves towards Tectus. If it reaches him, it empowers him, granting him 10 stacks of Accretion. Can be intercepted by players, which destroys the void zone, but causes massive damage and causes player to be afflicted with Petrification. This is a 30-second debut that reduces movement speed and, if Tectus attacks that player, causes Tectus to gain stacks of Accretion.
—> Earthen Flechettes: Frontal cone.

Night-Twisted Berserkers
—> Raving Assault. Reset threat on all targets and charge a random raid member, dealing damage to all players caught in the path of charge.


No tank swap is needed in this fight, because in later stages both tanks will be needed to tank the shards and motes. During Phase One the second tank will tank the Earthwarpers and Berserkers.

* Tank Tectus in the middle.
* Ranged DPS and healers stand close to the walls of the fighting area. This will attract the Earthen Pillars to them, leaving the rest of the area clear.
* When Earthen Pillar or Fracture is cast, move out. Move together.
* Kite Crystalline Barrage away from other raid members, to the edge
* Tanks pick up Earthwarpers and Berserkers. Kill Earthwarpers quickly, face them away. Cleave and DoT Berserkers. However, the whole raid should NOT switch to the Earthwarpers because if DPS drops too much on Tectus he’ll gain stacks of Accretion. We will need to find the correct balance for this.
* Second tank should intercept Gift of Earth void zones, or this can be done by another player with strong damage reduction cooldowns.
* During Tectonic Upheaval finish Tectus off. Healers be prepared for high raid-wide damage.


Focus DPS on one Shard, killing it (ideally during the first or second window) and kill the resulting Motes before starting on the second Shard. Once Tectus dies the adds no longer spawn. The other Shard will gain Accretion but there’s nothing to be done.

Be careful if Tectonic Upheaval casts coincide.

Note: it is not yet clear whether the Shards should be tanked together or apart.


This is very chaotic. Survive and kill them as fast as possible. Use any and every possible codlin to increase damage and survivability. Use Bloodlust here to kill the first 4 Motes.



* During phase one:
—> Tank Tectus and the Night-Twisted adds around the center of the area. Tank the Night-Twisted Earthwarpers facing away from other players.
—> If you are not tanking Tectus, soak the Gift of Earth void zones

* During Phase Two: each tank handles one Shard of Tectus

* During Phase Three: One tank handles the remaining Shard of Tectus, the other tanks the 4 Motes of Tectus together.


* Tectonic Upheaval does massive raid-wide damage. Watch out for moments when two or more are cast at the same time.
* Turing Phases Two and Three, pay attention to the tank who is taking a Shard of Tectus with many stacks of Accretion


* During Phase One: focus on the Earthwarpers first. The Berserkers have lower priority.
* Switch to the Tectus / Shard of Tectus when they cast Tectonic Upheaval and do full DPS to kill them.


* If targeted by Crystalline Barrage, kite the cloud away and into a safe location.
* Move out of the way of the spikes of earth caused by Fracture and Earthen Pillar.
Note: a strategy that worked well last night was to tank Tectus in the middle, have the ranged stand grouped at the wall off Tectus' left foot, while the melee stands grouped off Tectus' right foot.

This positioning helps with Crystalline Barrage, which is a line of cloudy stuff that snakes slowly toward a ranged member and persists for a while on the ground. This helps keep it out of the melee group.

Note: it is not yet clear whether the Shards should be tanked together or apart.
For the Stacking strategy: Ranged Stack players targeted by Crystalline Barrage should always run to the Right, and the entire stack will shift Left when needed to avoid Earthen Pillars. A little spreading out for Fractures (particularly when Motes are up and several go off at about the same time) may help.

The basic strategy works from start to finish. It will get hectic with Shards and even more with Motes up, but it can be handled. It may help to mark a Ranged/Healer for everyone else to generally follow and stay near (aside from when they're picked for Barrage, naturally).

For the Bloodlust section, we probably want to pick a single Mote and burn each one down in order (keep them together, and cleave/splash is fine, but don't go to full AE rotations), to reduce how many of those abilities are going off at once as quickly as possible.

I also suggest that Healing/Mitigation Cooldowns are assigned for dealing with specific Tectonic Upheavals so they aren't all popped at once. The worst one should be mid-to-late-fight when we have 1 Shard + up to 4 Motes which might all go off at about the same time. If we can heal through the first without one (which will be easier if we hit the kill window solidly so he isn't casting for long, and our DPS seemed to be pretty close to managing this so it shouldn't be too tough with some practice) this should help considerably allowing us to double up some later.

Side note: I read that Healing Tonics no longer share a CD with other potions, so they can be a bonus "Healing CD" for the raid if everyone uses one.
Thank you, Tempestmoon! I've made note of these suggestions and will implement them during the raid tonight.


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