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Second day now that its refusing to connect. I havent changed anything at all on my machine and have even rebooted a few times. Any ideas?
(( Edo's also having trouble... I am having periodic trouble....

If it helps, Kretol, I can log in in the mornings 100% of the time...and if I remain connected, I never have difficulties. Once I disconnect (or once I am disconnected by restarting or going LD), I have trouble. ))
We're going to see if everyone else who has problems connecting has similar charactertistics. Does anyone else only have problems connecting at certain times? Do all the folks that have problems use a router?
Are there any other 'special' configurations that you (in a broad sense) have that may be affecting it?
Yes, I'm having problems as well.

Have you done anything to the configuration? Made any changes?

As a litmus test, I setup my own teamspeak server and am able to connect just fine.

If anyone else want's to try it (temporarily at least) I'll leave the server up and running.


Nope, just got that router, and I already have set it up to forward all UDP port requests for 8767 to my computer. It just boggles me why some have problems and some don't, so apparently there is a connection, but there must be some abnormal configurations somewhere...

I have also been having problems connecting to the TS server. However, I am able to connect to another TS server with no problems.

The problem appears to be isolated to the Ironsong server for some reason.

As far as connection times, the times I am trying to connect is generally the evening.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Orc Hunter
(( Edo and I do have a router, and were connected fine on Monday night until we were booted due to electrical outages...and then we could not re-connect. However, tonight (Tuesday 10/07), we have been able to connect to Team Speak just fine (though we did not get everything fixed until 1:30am EST) ))
I've been having trouble also, one night I can connect fine and the next not at all... do not notice a certian time that it happend and yes I do have a router
Okay, I just put in a new router yesterday. Please post a reply if you are still having issues.
Working fine this morning and last night as well, but I am not sure it is a problem with our server.... I am still having intermittent problems with a friends server.

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