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Heya heya! Welcome to Tea Moon, the finest franchised purveyor of heated beverages, now available on multiple continents, worlds, and timelines. Sit back, have a drink, enjoy yourself as long as you'd like, and pay the very reasonable rental fee for usage of the seat on your way out. Hmm, you're right, it is a bit of a slow day. I guess I could join you for a drink or two.

So what's on your mind? Oh, you want to know about me, do ya? Well, I happen to be Tea Moon. Yes, same as the shop. It is a rather funny name for a Goblin, I suppose, when everyone expects "Fizz-banger" or "Whistle-blaster" or "Sam o'Phlange" or the like, but I say it's the most Goblin of names you'll ever hear. See, my parents founded the first Tea Moon years and years ago, before the first Horde came through the Portal, trying to break into some untapped markets amongst the Elves. I mean, seriously, what a great market, if you could get in, right?

So they negotiated their way into Elven lands, made some deals, and decided they needed a base of operations on the inside to get things really moving. Clearly shredders and explosions weren't going to sell there, but tea... there's all sorts of teas, from all sorts of plants all over the world, and they all taste different. Elves clearly loved it -- they're all about that nature stuff infusing everything, and drinking with little dainty cups and all. Anyway "how hard can shoving plants into boiling water be?" they thought, so they opened up the shop, pushed on a few contacts in the trade empire for some exotic leaves, and they did ok, and more than ok since they also acted as brokers in addition to the tea shop.

Hmm? Yeah, sure, there was a bad period during the Second War when some of the Goblins signed an exclusive contract, which is just a terrible business practice, but they went and did it anyway, and despite being with a completely different group, we weren't well regarded by the members of the Alliance that came through. The outsiders coming through got over it, and my parents had some loyal customers that kept them safe. When I was born, they figured a Goblin name would have the other kids teasing me -- well, teasing me more than they already would, since we weren't exactly in an enclave of Goblinity -- and then it came to them. The perfect idea, the best thing they could get from a name -- free-advertising. Every time they called my name, or someone else called my name, they'd be advertising for the shop. Brilliant, really. So there you have it, most Goblin name ever - a walking and talking ad.

It worked better than they expected. Growing up with the high elves, you can't help but pick up some magic. Heck, before Arthas walked through, the place fairly oozed the stuff, all the way out to the borders you could just feel the pulse of the Sunwell. With all that infusing me, and all the examples all around, magic came naturally to me, and was pretty handy as a trick to heat up a pot just right when needed. Grew up to it, trained, and even after the Scourge marched through I could still cast some mean spells. The small shop was flourishing, but it wasn't, if you'll pardon the expression, my cup of tea. Not then, anyway. I wanted to go establish myself, not just inherit what they'd done. So I went off to be a mage and help tackle the big monsters out in the world... but while I was at it, I missed a it of the shop life, so I started expanding. Made it a brand name, established outposts, founded franchise locations.

Whether you're in Stormwind or Silvermoon, Orgrimmar or Outlands, Dalaran or Draenor... Tea Moon is there, in both senses. First me, helping tame the wild lands, and then the shop, a little comforting slice of home for all the troops, the heroes, the support and supply lines. And naturally when those fine people went back home, well, their little towns needed a shop, too. Not to mention these exciting locales all had new and interesting blends to start brewing. So here I am, out on the forefront, exploring new realms and looking to establish new locations... like right here, in your Tribe's newly founded garrison. It's not like anyone was using this spot anyway, right?

Yeah, yeah, I saw your code of conduct on the way in. I solemnly swear on my past and future trade contracts that I will adhere to your terms and conditions as set therein. So, am I in business here, or should I pack this all back up?


1. What guilds were you in before this one, if any? How long were you a member? Why are you no longer with them?
As a player, I was previously in several guilds, as I've been around since Classic on Silver Hand. Notable ones are Bound By Hatred, Phycodurus, and Handle-It, along with some alts scattered about in allied guilds of the Handle-It raid, like Sanctuary of the Errant, Broken Shadow, and... uh... some other guys. I honestly can't remember names now. Teamoon, as a character, has only ever been in Handle-It.

2. What are you looking for from Ironsong?
From Ironsong, I'm looking for a fun group to do fun things. Even without joining, Xoiiku (who I knew from Handle-It days) told us to join the OOC channel, so I already had a good chunk of that as you kindly allowed us to tag along in your raids, and we (Tundra/Sozin, Illianarra, and I) were looking to possibly try some Challenge Modes and such with members as well. So, while I could join in on that from the outside, since you guys are awesome and welcoming, it seemed like a better fit to join in directly as Handle-It itself was a little dead, and the game is a lot more fun with some awesome people to share it.

In addition, while I've always had some back story for every one of my characters (even this guy, which was a play on my Druid's nickname shortening Tempestmoon to T'moon, and my Undead Rogue named Zulhoof, which is totally plausible and makes perfect sense, I swear) and have done some minor RP stuff on my own, I haven't ever gotten into it much in game. While I could maybe go looking for a more raid-oriented group, I've always had a lot of respect for IST members, and our recent runs have cemented that perception of awesomeness for me. I've never had a bad experience with anyone from IST I grouped with, and whenever anyone asked about RP on the server (what with it being labelled as such and all, even if half the original players here had no idea what that meant at the time), I always pointed them your way. I took a break for most of Pandaria (since Handle-It had crumbled after finishing Dragon Soul and at the time I didn't feel like searching for a new guild -- and I had a lot of other stuff going on anyway), and coming back I thought this was a good time to try putting some more RP flavor in to my game time.

3. How long have you played Warcraft?
As noted, I've been playing since Classic. I raided MC, BWL, and AQ40 with Asylum (a multi-guild raiding coalition -- I only remember Bound By Hatred and Bloodbound in there, but I know there were other guilds as part of it), and then joined up with Handle-It before it picked up that name. Originally it was "Broken Shadow and Friends", IIRC. It was interesting to clear through TBC well after the first groups and end up racing for server firsts in Sunwell, and even taking a few in WotLK. Beyond raiding, I've enjoyed exploring and questing -- I had Lore-Master almost as soon as the achievements were added, since I'd already done most of the quests, and during Classic I enjoyed running "Tempestmoon Tours" through some of the more rambling dungeons, like BRD and BRS.

4. If you have a preference, when do you tend to play?
I usually play evenings (~7 Server or later) and weekends. Recently I did some morning play sessions, but that's not terribly common.

5. If you have anything you would like to add to tell us more about yourself, do so here.
Hopefully the above captured enough of the essence of your questions while also being fun to read... Teamoon is, granted, a bit of a colorful character, but what did you expect from a Goblin? While I had a decent chunk of the background above already in mind, I didn't have a personality as such in mind until I hopped into guild chat that first time, said the first thing that seemed appropriate, and I just ran with it. I've done a decent amount of Pen-and-Paper RP (actual role playing, not just war-gaming with some story on top), so I'm used to rolling with events. Feel free to use him as background decoration for other story lines as makes sense, and in general if you make something up for me and it fits, I'll run with it. I don't need to be the hero, I'm perfectly fine enabling other people in their stories.

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