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Team Smash and Grab smashes and grabs (updated with Night 2)
Our first venture into Karazhan resulted in the deaths of both Attumen and the Maiden of Virtue. Being the lazy type I delegated others to take pictures and post them. Hopefully they did!

Midnight did not appreciate me off tanking him, so instead we fed the horrible pony Greyfith. Upon the death of him and his rider we grabbed the phat epix as follows:

[item]Gauntlets of Renewed Hope[/item] Which our intrepid pallie already had
[item]Harbinger Bands[/item] To Vanea.

Next we crashed the party upstairs, broke down a few doors, killed some dogs and some lonely girls whom no one wanted to dance with. In the end they bore up some nice shiney toys.

[item]Belt of the Tracker[/item] To Jabadue for great melee!
[item]Inferno Waist Cord[/item] To Tetsumis in the hope she will spec for fire.

Finally we barged in on the Maiden of Virtue. Her virtue was not enough to withstand the angry onslaught that Team Smash and Grab brought. From her we repossessed:

[item]Barbed Choker of Discipline[/item] To Greyfith because Efluvious is a nice guy.
[item]Totem of Healing Rains[/item] To Jabadue since he had ninja'd the other loot as well.

All in all a night of adventure and exploration and great fun by all.
Night two met with great success as well. Hungry from out past exploits we asked Moroes kindly if we could partake of his feast. It took quite a lot of convincing and the blood of Naruth to finally convince the old butler to let us eat. And eat we did!

[Image: ironsongubermoroesti4.jpg]

[item]Boots of Valiance[/item] To Anathamon because the pallie gods must be appeased.
[item]Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch[/item] To Efluvious since we all knew he was really a rogue in plate.

Onward and upward we pressed, eager to see the famed stage-shows of Karazhan. Not contented to sit in the audience and rub shoulders with the bossy Ushers, Team Smash and Grab got backstage passes which ultimately resulted in our stealing of the show.

Little Red Riding Hood was showing tonight and we were more than happy to help the little red midget thrash her canine pursuer. Team Smash and Grab was floored by their successful performance in killing the beast on their first attempt. What big eyes, ears and lewt he had.

[item]Big Bad Wolf's Head[/item] To Jabadue - the troll in wolf's clothing.
[item]Beastmaw Pauldrons[/item] To Mizar who graciously saved us from DEing them.

Week one of Team Smash and Grab has been deemed a raging success. More pictures should follow. OR ELSE!
A screenshot from the 2nd night
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Some more screenshots from my library...
I apologize in advance for their massive size.. forgot to resize them before posting.. *loses*
maybe I'll upload a new version sometime.

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