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Tank Stats
Hello All !

Looks like we have some base values for 80 tanks

Defense = 540
To Hit = 296
Expertise = 214

Still working on finding the other values Smile
It's my understanding that these numbers will vary greatly based on your Class and Spec. That said, I would be very interested in what folks think initial stats for an Unholy DK tank would look like, as well as a Frost specced DK. I am hoping that off-tanking as Unholy will be a viable option.
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I did some reading over at Elitist Jerks, and for bears, the essential stats boil down to Armor and Agility (and, of course, health). We bears are going to get a lot more mileage out of Agi than we did before.

Defense is also completely useless for us now. They boosted Survival of the Fittest for us - the goal of Defense was to get us to 5.63% or something uncrittable, and SotF gives us 6%.

Our armor got nerfed in Wrath, and it is looking at further nerfing - soon cloaks, rings, trinkets (anything without durability, basically) will NOT be affected by our bear form. 120 armor in Caster form will still be 120 in Bear form.

That leaves Dodge as our major mitigation stat.
Well Cloud, for a warrior your first goal would be 540 defense. This is the mark to make you uncrittable. I don't know if death knights have anything to reduce crittability, but I imagine if you want to tank that should be your mark as well.

After that stamina tends to be king, which is why we don't want "of defense" gear. There are plenty of crafted items right now to get you around 520-530 defense. The rest will require enchants, gems, and instance runs.

Once you hit your defense goal, things like block, dodge, and parry are a matter of taking what you can get while maintaining 540 defense. For hit and expertise... expertise tends to give more per point, but hit is needed as well. I don't know how death knight taunt works, but for warriors we have a base 9% chance to be resisted vs. a boss. That is affected by hit rating. However expertise will ensure that more of your attacks land in general.

As I understand it, death knights may be more concerned with attack power for generating threat?
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Kosath Wrote:I don't know how death knight taunt works, but for warriors we have a base 9% chance to be resisted vs. a boss.

That factoid makes [item]Glyph of Taunt[/item] look much better - apply it, and there's only a 1% chance for your taunt to be resisted.
Death Knight tanking stats are ordered thus:

Capped Defense (just capped, over that isn't worth it)
Armor is what it is, so I wouldn't worry about that.

Strength is very important for Death Knights because it not only adds to our parry in a significant way but it also adds to general threat through all of our abilities. It also scales with buffs like B. of Kings. Hit is also important for threat, I don't have the exact numbers for 80 however. Capping defense takes crits off of the table (mostly) but going over that cap doesn't do as much for Death Knights as it does for Warriors (no shield).

Death Knights scale very well, at least frost and unholy tanks do. It seems (so far) that frost is a good way to start out tanking, but as your gear gets better unholy seems to at least equal it. This is because the Bone Shield charges last through entire cooldowns (against single targets) and because of the amazing spell avoidance/absorption in unholy. When I respec for tanking (if it is needed) I would however still go down far enough into Frost to pick up Lichborn. OMNOM

Either way you go, you will have a blast. I am enjoying unholy mucho.
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From the EJ forums based on warriors. Applys to other classes as well. Precision is a Fury warrior talent giving us 3% hit for those that do not know.
Quote:At level 80, against a level 83 mob:

Defense cap: 689 defense rating to be uncrittable(540 Defense as stated above)

Single-wielding hit cap without Precision: 296 hit rating to remove the 9% miss rate.

Single-wielding hit cap with Precision: 197 hit rating to remove the 6% miss rate.

*Note that these two above caps will apply to single-wielding Prot Warriors, two-handed-wielding Arms Warriors, and the yellow hit cap of non-Titan's-Grip Fury Warriors

Dual-wielding white hit cap without Precision: 919 hit rating to remove the 28% miss rate.

Dual-wielding white hit cap with 3/3 Precision: 820 hit rating to remove the 25% miss rate.

Titan's Grip yellow hit cap without Precision: 460 hit rating to remove the 14% miss rate.

Titan's Grip yellow hit cap with Precision: 361 hit rating to remove the 11% miss rate.

EDIT: For expertise caps, assuming the cap is still a 6.5% dodge rate:

Without Weapon Mastery: 214 expertise rating to remove the 6.5% dodge rate (equal to 26 expertise skill)

With 2/2 Weapon Mastery: 148 expertise rating to remove the 4.5% dodge rate (equal to 18 expertise skill)
The expertise values do not take into account parry, however the level 70 estimate for boss parry rate was: higher than 15%, but no greater than 16.25%.
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So for a Bear, I suppose the hit cap would be 296 hit rating, being essentially a single-wielder without Precision.

Also, our talent is +10 expertise if you have 2/2 ranks, meaning we need... 16 expertise skill to make up for it? Would that be (I don't know if expertise rating has diminishing returns) 132 expertise rating, according to Jiv's numbers for warriors? I didn't see a whole lot of Bear Tank info yet last week when I was on EJ.
Oh hey, I found the numbers on EJ now. Basic rundown, with maxed Survival of the Fittest and Heart of the Wild talents.

Hit rating cap is 295, I was only off by one point.

Expertise rating is going to be, again, 132, for 15% parry it'll be 410. This assumes you have the Primal Precision talent, otherwise it's 214/492. These are targets, more can do you good.

49905 Armor in Bear Form for max damage reduction.
Note for folks looking to use resilience as well as defense to reach uncrittability:

82.0 Resilience Rating = 123 Defense Rating.

I'm pretty sure.

Do, if you have, say, 164 Resilience Rating, you only need 443 Defense Rating to reach uncrittability.

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