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Tamer guide for leveling "carry pets"
Hi all,

I've been wanting to try my hand at leveling low-level pets by bringing them along with two level 25's against tamers, as I've been told that the XP on those is phenomenal. But I had a lot of questions -- How do I two-pet these battles? And which two level-25 pets should I use for each battle? Was their breed important? When should I swap in the carry pet so it would get XP but not get killed?

So I poked around online a bit looking for some specifics, and I found exactly the guide I was looking for. Which pair of level 25 pets to use for which tamers, with which abilities, when to bring in the carry pet, and so forth. I'm going to try it out & thought I'd post a link to it here for others to use:

Rendigar's guide to tamer battles with two 25's and a carry pet on Warcraftpets.com

Update: I tried the guide yesterday and it was excellent. Following its advice I was able to beat all the elemental tamers and the Pandaria tamers with teams of two 25's and a carry pet. The XP was indeed fantastic -- With a safari hat on I got 3,000 to 5,500 XP per battle for the carry pet, which was enough for it to go up by multiple levels even into the 20's. In this way I got three carry pets up from single-digits to level 23 or 24 and topped them off to 25 with a few wild pet battles. Doing all the tamers also netted me another earth elemental pet, and bunch of pet battle reward bags, two of which contained flawless battle stones of different types.

Note: I installed a new add-on, called Petbattle Tactician, which keeps track of the enemy pets' abilities and their cooldowns. This was critical for the Krasarang tamer fight (so I could block an attack at exactly the right time).

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