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Tale of a Traitor
Pain. Fear. Heartache. For Kureei these things were not only familiar, but a daily existence. For months now she lie bound within Malykriss, the new training ground for death knights of the scourge. Alayden Blackwind, her murdered husband, had captured her. Although he had gotten all the information he could from her he refused to kill her, saying that she would witness the fall of those she cared for before she was granted the peace of the grave.


A clash of metal broke the blood elf from her thoughts. As she looked around for the source of the noise, she thought yet again that she had wandered into a nightmare. Chained to the walls around her were other prisoners of the scourge. Some recently captured. Others begged for death, their mutilated bodies writhing in agony. The metallic crash sounded again, much louder this time. As she stared around the chamber the gate on the far wall screeched open. In stepped the dungeon guard along with a young elven death knight. Though she wore the tabard of Ironsong she was no friend of the tribe. Blond hair fell like golden rain about her shoulders. Cold feline eyes seemed to penetrate everyone in the room. A sadistic grin spread across her battle-scared face. Without any hesitation she stepped quickly toward Kureei.

"Why the long face Sharra? Aren't you happy to see your husband?" taunted Azsharra. "You'll have to forgive me, I just came from a moot."

As she spoke her body began to warp. Golden hair fell from her scalp. Her body twisted and shaped itself into that of an undead man. Her eyes rolled out of her face and fell to the floor before vanishing along with her flesh. In a matter of seconds the twisted form of Alayden stood before Kureei. She spat into his empty eye socket as he ran a cold, skeletal hand across her cheek. He punched her in the stomach. "Bring her. If she can't learn to respect me then perhaps she can learn to fear me..."
Kure'ei felt a warm, rough hand on her forehead. The touch was soothing, not like anything she had felt in a long time. The hands moved from her head to her stomach, gently probing the bruised area where Alayden had punched her. She smiled. Whoever this was he was no enemy.

She felt her body being lifted up on some kind of makeshift stretcher. She struggled to lift herself up but felt herself being pushed back down. "Relax, you're safe now. They can't hurt you anymore," said a gentle voice. He spoke with an accent, like from the Southern human kingdoms.

Kure'ei opened her eyes to see the face of her rescuer, but her gaze met only darkness. No, not darkness, blindness. It all came back to her now. They had dragged her to the torture chamber. Alayden grinning wickedly as he drew the brands from the fire and plunged them into her eyes, the nightmarish hissing barley audible over her agonized screams for mercy.

She reached her hands to her face recoiling in pain as she touched the scorched flesh. She felt her rescuer's gaze boring into her. "Does it hurt? I can give you something for the pain if you need it. All you have to do is ask."

"I'm fine, the others could use it more," Kure'ei paused, "Where are you taking us anyway? You don't sound scourge and I'm sure they didn't just hand us over."

"I'm so sorry, I'm not used to making introductions. I am Varith Rosgarde, Paladin of the Argent Crusade. We received intelligence that the scourge were moving some of their prisoners to a more secure location so we intercepted them. I'm not really in a position to know much but from what I've heard you'll be staying at our camp for a little while before we send you to Dalaran for more specialized care. They've got their hands pretty well full up there now." Kure'ei winced as they set her down on the ice. "I'm so sorry!"

"It's no problem, I've been through worse," Kure'ei paused awkwardly, "So, how long have you been with the Argent Crusade?"

"Just over a year. I was with the Silver Hand but after the battle of Light's Hope we combined our forces with the Argent Dawn so here I am. I really wish they would transfer me to the Argent Tournament grounds. Not that taking care of the injured isn't rewarding and all, but there's never any action."

"The Argent what? Tournament grounds did you say? What on Azeroth is that?"

"The Argent Tournament, didn't you hear of it? Every city of the horde and alliance is represented there. How long have you been locked up?"

Kure'ei sighed. "It seems like an eternity, but I suppose it must have been only a few moths. Tell me more about this Tournament, what do you do there?"

"Alright, have you ever heard of jousting? Alright, two combatants are given laces and mounts....."
this is intresting so far.... i like ^_^
alright, to clear some stuff up this is basically what happened. Kureei's real name is Azsharra. She was married to a farmer named Alayden a LONG time ago. Azsharra joined kael'thas's army and traveled to outland. through a series of events she lost her memory and woke up in shatroth. she re-named herself Kure'ei and went on to eventually join ironsong. while in ironsong she was approached by an agent of the scourge and offered a chance to regain her memory if she would spy on ironsong and dispaya for the lich king. eventually she was ordered to kill dispaya. she refused and ran out into northrend. she was ambushed by Alayden, now a death knight hungering for revenge because Kureei moved on to other men after he was murdered. He took her prisoner and tortured her for several months before she was freed. While she was being tortured, Alayden used an orb of illusion to disguise himself as Kureei, except he created the story that she had been made into a death knight to explain his trips to icecrown. he also claimed that she regained her memories and demanded to be called by her true name, Azsharra. I hope that helps clear up any confusion Smile

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