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Taking a break from WoW
Hey guys,

Seth and I just wanted everyone to know we'll be taking a break from WoW for a while. We may be on sporadically and would be happy to entertain raid if you see us on that night, but we decided there's a lot going on with Seth starting his new job on Monday etc... We didn't want anyone wondering where we are.

If you desperately need us or just feel like saying hi and dragging us around for a while, NG and Xott know where to get a hold of us IRL.

Thanks for having us and see you in a while.
We will miss you two! Enjoy the time away and you know where we'll be in Azeroth when you come back. =)
Okay!  We will miss you guys, but real life > video game Smile  We wish Seth the best with his new job.  You know where to find us when you come back!

Good luck on the new job, Seth, and look forward to seeing you guys when you return!
Batrapha, Batnissi, Batolam, Batel, Batya, Batjireh, Batshammah, Batraah.

Yes, I AM batty.

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