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Take care, Ironsong!
I know I mentioned this briefly in another thread, but I thought I'd take some time to clarify in this thread:

A few weeks ago I went travelling. I was away from my computer for about three weeks, and realized all the things I could get done by not playing WoW. It was actually quite impressive. Then I thought what is keeping me in WoW, well to be honest it's Ironsong.

Yeah, Ironsong is a wonderful guild, I'm glad I was part of it! I wish I had more time in a day to actually do things with you all, but as work and life churns on I find I have less and less time for WoW, and I've noticed that I don't actually log on if at all these days.

So for now I'm shelving my characters.
Aramis Blackwing, the one-eyed ex-pirate human lush, err rogue.
Haida Whitecloud, the gentle and earth-minded tauren druid.
Muninn, and her farther Elster Hammerspring, two gnome warriors who were members of the 12th Gnomergan Bridge Brigade.
Mchumba, the voracious yet adoreable orc huntress.
Ja'ved Wene'hjo, a disgrunteled and old troll cook who wishes for the older ways.
Coraline DeLint, the blind magess, cute, little, and undead.
And my bank alts: Adhg, and Magaz.

Yeah, if you met and enjoyed hanging out with any of these characters, I'm sorry. WoW just isn't cutting it for me. I'm not a raider, it just doesn't interest me. I've given up on playing as my play time doesn't seem to conincide with anyone else's. And I frankly am bored with it. Like I've mentioned to some; I may come back for the expansion. It all depends.

As of now my last day is the 26th of April. I can't gaurantee I'll be around much, but I will try to come online and hang out with you all when I can. Again, you have all made my time here worth while. If you ever want to chat send me an email: <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">mailto:[email protected]</a><!-- e -->

Take care Tribe of Ironsong! ~Much love, Bob
Thank you for being a dedicated Ironsonger for a long time.

Good luck and take care, and may the Earthmother watch over you 'out-of-game' also. :lol:
Vote Akora for MA!
Sorry to see you go, HaidaBob. Take care.
Good bye, Amato..I mean Haida! Seriously, take care of yourself and may your computer chair flattened buns round out again! Be good!
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
Take care, and hope to see you again!
Take good care, Haida! We'll miss you, and I hope good luck comes your way. Heh, hopefully we'll see you back for the Burning Crusade.
Farewell, Haida.
I completely understand your feelings; I almost deleted Brannora and all the rest several months ago. Some days I wonder why I still play; Ironsong is a huge part of that.
I wish you the best. We'll be here if/when you come back.

And may the Dark Lady watch over you.

Awwww! *hugs* I'll miss you!

All my favorite bulls are disappearing. What am I going to do when I'm suddenly the tallest one around?

*waggles a finger* And I could always tell you apart from Amato, even before he was my mate.

You have fun out there, all right? And poke me at Coranda.Mothersong [at] Gmail.com, if you want.

-Cora and SWC
It always sucks to have a tribemate leave, it's like watching a family member move somewhere distant. I'm sure you'll do great things wherever life takes you, come say hi on the boards now and again, we'd love to hear from you and know what's going on with your life. May our paths cross again.

Farewell Haida! ::hugs::

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