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Ta'yak nutshell guide
Okay, here's a nutshell guide to Blade Lord Ta'yak, the second boss of Heart of Fear. He's the one with all the cyclones.

PHASE ONE: 100 to 20%.

This is a two tank fight due to Ta'yak's Overwhelming Assault debuff. Tanks should alternate regularly. Tanks also need to move the boss when an area becomes to full of tornadoes.

The raid should stay moderately SPREAD OUT to minimize damage from Wind Step -- he does Wind Step every 30 seconds, in which he jumps to the location of a random player and applies a 30-second bleed on that player and anybody else within 8 yards. Note: Ta'yak does NOT appear to target tanks or melee DPS with Wind Step. Which is a good thing because they can't spread out much.

The raid should COLLAPSE five seconds before every Unseen Strike. Unseen Strike happens every 60 seconds. Ta'yak will mark a player, disappear, then reappear 5 seconds later at the location of that player and deal a massive amount of physical damage in a cone on front of him (and also a knock back). The damage must be SPLIT between the entire raid or players will die. Note: the marked player will be stunned after 3 seconds, before the blow, so the rest of the raid must move to that player's location.

HEALERS: Players who have the Wind Step debuff are at GREAT risk after an Unseen Strike. Be prepared to cast big heals on them right after Unseen Strike.

The entire raid needs to avoid the tornadoes Ta'yak casts every 20-30 seconds.

The tornadoes, and Ta'yak's self-buff of Intensify (increases damage and haste by 5% per stack, new stack applied every 60 seconds), act as soft-enrage mechanics.

PHASE TWO From 20% to 0%

In this phase, Ta'yak will move to one end of the room, and players will be enveloped in tornadoes and will be moved to the far end of the room. Then Ta'yak will summon tornadoes, and we will need to make our way along the corridor while avoiding being hit and carried back to the start point by a tornado.

At 10% health, Ta'yak will go to the other end of the room and the tornadoes will reverse. We will need to travel to the other end of the room.

During this phase he'll do moderate Nature damage to the entire raid (the more stacks of Intensify he has, the more damage he'll do), AND he'll continue to stack Intensify to himself, but much faster now -- a new stack every 10 seconds.

HEALERS have players at high health before we transition into phase 2. Place HoTs on players for the run up the corridor.

Players must use healthstones and self-heals and mitigation to survive the tornado run, because healers cannot stand still and heal.

PRO TIP: We will STOP DPS on Ta'yak when he reaches 13% or so. We'll load him up with DoTs. Then everyone but a tank and a healer will move to the wind current at the sides of the corridor and be swept to the start of the room. The tank and healer will take him to 10%, when he will switch sides. The other 8 members of the raid will already be waiting for him at his landing location.

BLOODLUST: We'll use it in phase 1 after an Unseen Strike for maximum efficiency.

See Icy Veins for more detail.

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