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Well the Timeline has shifted again.

Lurie discovered that Upon looking into the library texts on the name "Caroline of Gilneas" one log book that was rescued from the city of Stratholme had reference to a Caroline Mograine, wife of a Tavern Owner named Darion Mograine. The registry records her home city as being "Gilneas."

They opened a Tavern in the city a year before the plague hit. Both were presumably killed when Arthas stormed the city and killed everyone.

More research found the couple in the town of Southshore so Ellanor decided to send scouts through a time portal to see if this was indeed...the missing Dispaya.

the scouts...Lucinther, Anca and Valshar found Caroline who was living as a schoolteacher in southshore. After some questions Lucinther convinced her to come with them to meet heir leader..Ellanor. She agreed.

They tried to take her back through the portal but she never appeared on the other side.

Their mission was different. Upon returning it appears they were sent to find out why the Lich King's wife vanished. It seems she disappeared from Southshore and Darion searched the world for her. It eventually drove him mad. He returned to Stratholme...killed Arthas...killed all of the citizens due to the plague...eventually found Frostmourne...and now...

Darion Mograin is the Lich King.
Please change your RP to fit the new timeline.

It would appear that the world was overun...and all because of Lucinther, Valshar and Anca.(though no one knows that part)

Can things ever be fixed? Only Time will tell.
Sing True Ironsong!

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