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The Timeline altered again

Using information gained from the previous travellers, Ellanor was able to more accurately pinpoint the time when Caroline and Darion met.

She sent two agents back to intercept and hopefully save the Troll called Sreng...who Anca knows in the alternate timeline.

Valen and his sister Shayalla went through and found themselves in the Tirasfal woodlands.

Upon hearing a scream they went to investigate and came upon a young troll standing over the body of Caroline. It looked more to them like the troll was trying to help her and was not attacking.

The voice of a human yelled for the troll to stop and before Mograin could attack the two intercepted him. The troll made a quick escape.

After thanking the brother and sister Mograin helped Caroline to her feet and helped her back to Southshore.

Valen and Shayalla returned.

The Timeline changed.

Sreng is alive.
Sreng and the Ironsong tribe saved Thrall and rescued him from Orgrammar, although many Ironsong Tribe were killed.

Sreng and Thrall are now residents of the caverns of time.

The Lich King is still Darion Mograine

*interesting note - As a DK Valen killed his sister Shayalla in the original timeline
Sing True Ironsong!

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