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A sickness erupted in the caverns. It was the plague...finally.
The dragons made a desperate decision...the tunnel would be collapsed so the infected settlement would be quarantined...and destroyed. Times were desperate.

Despite being forbidden to open more time doorways...Ellanor assembled a group to try once again to correct the anomalys.

Lurie traveled to Southshore 8 years past...and stopped Lucinther from trying to bring Caroline through time. They were successful.

The rest went to Pyrewood village...to save the White Lady.

In the new timeline...Mograine went to Pyrewood and killed Dispaya in her first undead incarnation. He saved the village...but...it meant Dispaya no longer existed. The group was able to meet the White Lady in person. It was a frightening experience, especially for Anca. (Jusst a finger...a finger?)

The Timeline shifted again.

Mograine and Caroline once again died in Stratholme. The original White LAdy became Scourge and rose through the Ranks...but with no Mograine she eventually took control of all the armies. Arthas became her primary Death Knight and the White Lady ascendeed to Icecrown, detroyed the throne and merged with Ner'zhul. Now the lands of Azeroth are ruled by...


The Lich Queen is more diplomatic than Arthas. Tanaris is now a free zone as the scourge do not wish to live in a desert. Most races are now enslaved rather than undead. There are 10,000 more refugees in the caverns and there is no plague thus no need to kill anyone.

The Lich Queen's minions are more diplomatic now (Hi Umu) and will more likely try to get the refugees to surrender themselves to slavery rather than undeath.

Ellanor has declared that she believes there is only one way now to save the world. Open one final time portal..and send an assassin back to kill Caroline before any of the timelines change. "Caroline...Dispaya...must die."

*authors note: If anyone is confused...just read up from the bottom on these news posts...its a complicated story and was meant to be. But its more simple than you think because it is all just about possibilities. So many things in our lives hinge on a single event or chain of events. I cant begin to imagine all possibilities but I am having fun right now just thinking about What if?"
Sing True Ironsong!
(( Lurie has been keeping me updated on this plotline, and I say more power to you all! I'm glad it's going so well, and it sounds fun! In celebration, I offer you some appropriate music, courtesy of Oingo Boingo. ))
gah i was gone working on my final paper for the quarter for a day or so...and look what happens....i miss all the action Tongue

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