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The dragonflight came to a decision that the girl Caroline would have to be killed but in a merciful way. If the timeline had been polluted then perhaps it could not be corrected completely so the best that could be done is to make sure the least damage possible was done. This would give them a 65% chance that the timeline would resume as it should have. To that end they brought forth the great assassin Zlinka..the deadliest assassin in the known world.

Zlinka came up with a plan to poison the girl before she could corrupt the timeline. Together they headed for the portal. HOWEVER..once at the portal they met...ZLINKA!

Zlinka came from the future to tell this Zlinka that her plan failed. The poison didnt work and accidentally killed Mograine. She also tried a half dozen other tactics and all of them failed. Together the two Zlinka's sat down to discuss what to try next.

After considerable debate Zlinka present and Zlinka future decided the method may not matter as much as the time...and so striking at Caroline just a week after her arrival in Southshore might be the best bet. Zlinka future headed back to her time first....then Zlinka present and Oryx, her faithful servant, headed once again to the past.

So...they tried...but Caroline did not die...but not for lack of trying. A garote...a backstab...impalement on a scythe...she kept getting up. Why? well as it turns out...she is undead! You see Caroline the anomally is really our Dispaya of the present who went back in time. She looks human...but she is actually still undead.

Zlinka and Oryx interogated her...but after discovering she was undead, Caroline fled and so the two returned to the present. But now the pieces all fit. Here is what happened as Ellanor finally was able to put it all together.

From the original timeline...Dispaya somehow was sent back to the past. She also must have lost her memory (thus the prologue story.) Once in the past she met Mograine. They fell in love. Mograine decided to go kill the white Lady, who was really Dispaya in that time period. HE succeeded. SO...Dispaya never existed and Caroline was now an anomally who should not be there. She and Mograine were married and that changed the original timeline.

Since then Time has been bouncing back and forth.

Ellanor is now fairly sure she knows what happened but she also came to a strange conclusion that if all that WAS true...then maybe all of the caverns inhabitants were not meant to be here. Maybe this time period is what was all wrong.

Before leaving she told Zlinks they had received word that the Lich Queen herself would be coming to the caverns to discuss terms of surrender. The refugees are now running out of time.

A Matter of Time FINALE - Tonight's Moot - Hope to see you there!
Sing True Ironsong!
A paradoxical moment in time... Zlinka discussing assassination strategies with her future self.
Zlinka Future and Zlinka Present
Sing True Ironsong!

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