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Syfers beginning
His body seized up as blood was forced through his heart once more. He gasped, gulping in air as his lungs began to work once more. Eyes opening wide, it took several minutes before he was able to focus on his surroundings. The blood surging through his body once more was almost painful if anything. He couldn’t quite think of it as painful, it seemed more pleasant than anything else. He forced himself up onto his elbows from where he lay, bringing a hand up to hold onto his head as a wave of nausea hit him. Nausea gave way to a pulsing headache.

Once he could focus his sight, his eyes darted around the small chamber he was confined to. It was dimly lit by several flickering torches. The walls were covered with mold, and the floor covered with rat feces and rubble. Across the length of the room was a doorway that lead to a corridor and beyond. What is this place? He thought to himself. What am I even doing here? He tried to summon up memories of what had last happened to him that he could recall. He could not remember anything. He could not even remember his name. His mind was completely blank of anything.

Before he could panic, he could suddenly hear the sound of footsteps approaching along the corridor towards his chamber. He attempted to remove himself from the flat stone bed where he lay, standing on wobbly feet. A hunched figure suddenly appeared in the doorway, glinting eyes locking with his. The figure held onto one of the sides of the doorway feebly as if it were the only thing keeping it upright. It painfully staggered towards him into the light of the torches, making him recoil in horror. The figure was horribly mangled, dead flesh hanging loosely from its bare skin, bone and muscle exposed all over. Torn and tattered rags covered its shriveled body in which many flies could be seen buzzing all over it. The smell of rot and feces was strong around it as well, making him want to plug his nose.

“It’sssss about time,â€Â

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