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((Sooo, all tauren do look alike to Lucinther...well, at least in the dark and underneath the waves...heh heh.))
The shadow possessed tauren (also wearing plate) held onto Lucinther's ankle, as they sunk further and further down, its glowing dead eyes staring straight ahead.

Reaver swam towards the far side of the pinnacle and surfaced out of sight of the Nokwa'naha. He whistled and several moments later, the black dragon flew down, hovering just above the water's edge. He climbed onto the beast and took off his helmet. There was a metal plate embedded in his skull, scars encompassing it. A broken horn jutted from the plate, and his left eye was blood red. As he lifted further away from the ground, he felt his connection break from the dead tauren. The dragon lifted above the edge of the pinnacle and he heard then saw the priestess losing the battle to the blood elf and the goblin. He flew low over and above the tauren, and threw the two axes at her. One landed in her abdomen, the other just missed her heart, landing in her chest near her shoulder. Squigvicious jumped up from the ground, getting his feet under him, saw the dragon inhale and leaped at Lailya knocking her to the ground just as dragon let loose a blast of fire. It flew over their heads, and past the priestess, ignoring her screams. Reaver kicked his heels into the black dragon and disappeared into the night.

"You okay?" He asked Lailya. He looked down and smiled. Lailya narrowed her eyes at him and he quickly removed his hands off her chest. He rolled off of her (getting a bit of a shove to help him out) and tossed another bomb at few remaining guards. "Forty." He went to unchaining the tauren who looked worse for wear. "Zo, who'z zhis?"
Lucinther noticed as the Tauren's eyes grew cold and lifeless once more He cursed. The dead thing still had a good hold on his ankle and even though they had hit the bottom, Lucinther was still having issues with freeing his foot. His lungs were starting to burn. He could only hold is breath for so long. In a last ditch effort, he pulled a rocket from his pack and lit the fuse, holding on tight. It was a long shot.

The rocket took off and Lucinther was well past the point of unconsciousness. The dead tauren still attached to his ankle. The rocket flew about a hundred feet above the altar before exploding, dropping the unconscious rogue and the dead tauren to the ground. Lucinther's wounds still seeping fluid.
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]
Lailya glowered at Squigvicious and made a mental note to come up with some sort of painful revenge for later. She stood up and adjusted her robes, flicking her gaze over to where Shaathun and the priestess were. The screaming had stopped; the warlock decided against calling her felhunter back to her side. It'd been a while since she'd allowed him to "go wild" - allowing him his gorging now would make him easier to rein in if the manalust consumed him at a later time.

She followed after the goblin to the altar and swore at the sight before her. "This is Lucerra," she said. "She's Mula's daughter."

Lailya knew better than to remove the axes lodged in the sunwalker's body; she'd just lose blood faster that way. Instead, she withdrew a few heavy bandages from one of the pouches on her belt and began packing and wrapping Lucerra's wounds as best she could to staunch the flow of blood. Two heavy thunks nearby startled her, and she turned to see a dead tauren and an unconscious, wounded Lucinther a few feet away.

She swore. "Where's a healer when you need one?!"
[Image: 2627648EgUWn.png]

[Image: 2627663SOPQY.png]
Squigvicious finished unlocking the final lock. He straightened up, "Well, zhat zhould do--" he started to say, but was cut short by the sound of Lucinther's body landing on the ground. He rushed over to the body. He looked down at the seeping wound, and pulled out a strip of embersilk. "Zhis ztuff iz expenzive, zo itz bound to work." He wrapped the wound up and sat back on his heels waiting. "Nozhing!" He leaned forward listening to forsaken's chest. "No heartbeat, but I'd zhink zhat zhere wasn't one before." He put his hand just over the forsaken's mouth and nose. "Hmmm. No breath eizher." ((OH GOD COVER YOUR EYES!)) The goblin leaned forward and began mouth to mouth.

Lucinther coughed, choking up a lungful of water. He looked up and saw Squigvicious wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Lailya looked shocked. "What...did you do?"

"Oh, it waz nozhing. Juzt a technique I picked up from zee humanz. I didn't zhink zhat it would actually work."

"You...kissed him?" Lailya's eyes were wide with horror.

Lucinther coughed another lungful of air...then choked. "He WHAT?!!!"
Zaevian had been hovering over the water looking for where Lucin had gone but he couldn't seem to find him he noticed as several of the guards jumped off of the pinnacle. "Proof that you don't have to be smart to join a cult..." Suddenly he saw a rocket fly into the air carrying Lucinther and was that a tauren? and blow up letting them fall back onto the pinnacle. "Looks like I missed most of the fun...." He then brought Sylthian back up in time to see the goblin reviving Lucinther. "Um...What is going on here?..... And who is Lucin's uh..... special friend?"
Lucinther attemped to grab Squig to strangle him... but the pain from his wounds was hardly bareable. Not only did he have the deep evisceration ( if it weren't for the fact that he were undead, that wound alone would have killed him) but he also had several other large gashes along his arms. He cursed under his breath. " Squig.... I'm going to kill you...." He closed his eyes and slipped back into unconsciousness.
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]
She was in a dark place. A cold slab of stone chilled her skin. He had been above her, the dark one with the red face. He, with the black-bladed scythe and the red runes that drained her with each cut. Then there was darkness, and she was lost. She walked for what seemed like days, unable to see where her feet landed, not even knowing if there was anything to walk upon. She continued to walk, though, for what else was there to do?

She felt a presence beside her, walking quietly, and she felt comfort, from him. They walked in silence together for a while. Finally, the older one asked, "Where are you going, Sunwalker?" She stopped, "I...don't know." The older one stopped as well. "You are young...and strong, like your mother. You should go back." She looked at him, "How do you know my mother? Who are you?" The spiritwalker said, "Go back, little one, and tell your mother not to weep for me anymore." Lucerra saw a deep scar darkened black along his neckline. "Cairne?" The spirit walked away, slowly, but so fast that she couldn't catch up. She walked on, and she was suddenly surrounded by many young tauren. They whispered in her ear and guided her on up a long and winding ramp. They were all like her. She saw her body. She saw Lucinther and Squigvicious and Lailya and Zaevian. She turned to the gathering of Sunwalkers and gave her thanks. And then she was on the cold sticky slab, again.

Her eyes opened, and she was staring up at the moon, but it was the sun's refection she saw. She fed off the energy, absorbing it, gathering it. Her body began to glow and her wounds began to close. She reached down, and grabbed at the axe handle and pulled it from her chest. The glow intensified around the fresh wound and began to close. She removed the other axe, and the same happened. She rolled off the slab and shakily walked over to Lucinther. She collapsed to her knees and placed her hands on his wounds, directing the healing energies onto him. His eyes opened, and she saw surprise in them.

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