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Summary - 7/14
Garr - Majordomo
ZONE: Molten Core
START: 7/14/2006 5:24 PM END: 7/14/2006 10:27 PM

Boss kills
Garr @ 7/14/2006 6:56 PM Players: 39
Baron Geddon @ 7/14/2006 7:36 PM Players: 40
Shazzrah @ 7/14/2006 7:50 PM Players: 40
Sulfuron Harbinger @ 7/14/2006 8:45 PM Players: 40
Golemagg the Incinerator @ 7/14/2006 9:14 PM Players: 40
Majordomo Executus @ 7/14/2006 9:45 PM Players: 40

SUMMARY: 0, 19

[Felheart Horns] from Garr
Looter: Tetsumis

[Cenarion Helm] from Garr
Looter: Wingspirit

[Flameguard Gauntlets] from Garr
Looter: Daichallar

[Cenarion Spaulders] from Baron Geddon
Looter: Mellith

[Arcanist Mantle] from Baron Geddon
Looter: Knat

[Cenarion Gloves] from Shazzrah
Looter: Mellith

[Boots of Prophecy] from Shazzrah
Looter: Sevi

[Bracers of Might] from Trash mob
Looter: Kosath

[Nightslayer Shoulder Pads] from Sulfuron Harbinger
Looter: Skalus

[Shadowstrike] from Sulfuron Harbinger
Looter: disenchanted

[Nexus Crystal] from Sulfuron Harbinger
Looter: bank

[Earthfury Vestments] from Golemagg the Incinerator
Looter: Kretol

[Robes of Prophecy] from Golemagg the Incinerator
Looter: Dannae

[Staff of Dominance] from Golemagg the Incinerator
Looter: Nicoaa

[Felheart Bracers] from Trash mob
Looter: Elzyr

[The Eye of Divinity] from Majordomo Executus
Looter: Shillatae

[Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame] from Majordomo Executus
Looter: Saltin

[Cauterizing Band] from Majordomo Executus
Looter: Fleethoof

[Nightslayer Bracelets] from Trash mob
Looter: Traze

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